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Gogagah.comGames have been delighting the human mind since ages and they always been a subject of interest for every age groups. Modes of games have changed over the years and now we have a lot of options to play with. The best thing about the games is they have an attractive theme and characters. The games are easy to play and can be played anytime and anywhere on your gadget. Today, we will know more about the most talked game in 2018 and the one which has a Great history of its development, Generations, versions and popularity – “Pokémon”.

With every new series, the Pokémon has amazed and amused its player with new graphics and features. This is the reasons all their series are commercial hits. Both kids and adults are equally obsessed with the games from Pokémon.

Let’s have a look at the games that Pokémon has brought to us. Here are the games that are amusing the kids and bringing the kid out of the adults:

Here is the list of Best Pokémon game that has been upgraded from one another to give you better graphics and exciting characters every time.


  • Neo Monsters: Neo Monsters permits players to discover a massive and magical world and experience absolutely animated battles that includes quite a thousand monsters. Several rivals are waiting on your quest to become the last word trainer.



  • Nexomon:  One of the amazing adventurous and monster arrest game which is built by LIME TURTLE, INC. for iOS devices. Nexomon game allows users to hold and evolve over three hundred completely different monsters.



  • Pokémon GO: It is a free Pokémon game for iOS and Android devices. The game needs the player to actually go around in order for catching Pokémon. Visit PokeStops and Gym to discover rare Pokémon.



  • Pokémon Duel: It is an official Pokémon plan board game for Android and IOS devices. You have to produce your own deck of figure cards and undertaking customers from all over the globe to hit the leader boards.
  • Pokémon: Magikarp Jump: This game stars Magikarp, the ill-famed initial generation Pokémon renowned for being the worst Pokémon ever. During this game although, Magikarp gets the most important role, as you may train him to boost its jump power to assist him to win each contest. This game offers many surprises.



  • Camp Pokémon: discover the wonderful world of Pokémon and its various regions using this app! You have to do completely different activities and play fun games to find new regions and complete your pin assortment.


  • Pokémon Trading Card Game: Have fun learning and mastering the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online! One of the trendy and secure aspects of the Pokémon franchise and is played and liked by many people. You can easily customize the look of your cards, Build your own decks, avatar, and join your friends online.



  • Pokémon Puzzle League: Play an amazing puzzle video game with the well-liked Pokémon theme! In this game, you have to match three or extra blocks to clear them out of the field in Pokémon Puzzle League! Challenging and fun Tetris-like game for all age groups.3-D and 2-D puzzles, six gaming styles, and very systematic tutorials.



  • Pokémon Stadium: This famous and really in style Pokémon structure game is one of the best and most funny gameѕ one will ever play. Kids’ juѕt ѕіmply love Pokémon and anything that had to try and do with them normally. The gameplay is very easy; you’re goіng to participate in several events within the ѕtadіum mistreatment your favorite Pokémon character.


  • Dragon Island Blue:  It is the strategic game which is similar to the Pokémon and this game is created by NTT Resonant Inc. for iOS devices. The game will allow the users to hold and evolve over 200 monsters and take on battles.


Final Conclusion:

Entertainment is an unavoidable part of our life and a great game can be a real treat to your brain and can refresh you more than anything. We have lots of games to choose from. Every game has its own fun so you have a range of options as per your interest. However, there are the two things to keep in mind before choosing and playing a particular game:

  • Go for the right game!
  • Never get addicted to any game!

Keep Playing, Keep enjoying but never keep on Playing!