Best Friend's Birthday Present

If you are lucky enough to have a best friend that loves and cherishes you and is always there for you, then you are truly blessed. But even though she’s the person you know better than anyone else, it can often be tricky to find the perfect present for your favorite person. Luckily, we’ve gathered a list of some incredible unique and sentimental gift ideas your BFF is going to adore:

1. Handbag illuminator

We’ve all found ourselves in that situation where we rummage through our handbag looking for something we desperately need, but all we manage to find are wrappers, pieces of paper, gum that’s fallen out of its package and everything else we should have thrown out a long time ago. That is why a helpful handbag light is such a great gift idea.

2. Personalized wallet

Not only is a wallet sleek and stylish, but it is also the ultimate practical gift. And if you opt for one engraved with your best friend’s initials, it will be the most personal present you could give her. There are many great monogram wallet ideas you could choose from to find the one that perfectly suits your BFF’s personal taste and style.

3. Minimalistic earrings

If your BFF is a minimalist, she would love a pair of dainty ball or bar stud earrings. If you opt for a quality metal that won’t irritate her ears, she will have a piece of jewellery she could wear for years to come. And the best part is, every time she puts them on, she will always think of you.

4. Heart-shaped necklace

Is there a better way to show your best friend just how much you love her than by buying her a lovely necklace accented with a beautiful heart-shaped charm? Whether you choose to buy a matching one to represent your friendship or you just get her one to show her your love, your best friend will undoubtedly adore and cherish this wonderful present.

5. Makeup brush set

If your BFF has aspirations to become a beauty guru or she simply enjoys watching makeup videos on YouTube, then she will really appreciate a cute makeup brush set. As long as you choose a quality set that includes foundation, eyeshadow, lip and powder brushes, she will undoubtedly get a lot of use out of this amazing present.

6. Instant camera

Even though we live in the digital world, some retro trends are starting to pop up, and one of them is undoubtedly instant cameras. Practical, beautifully designed and Instargam worthy even as a simple accessory, this camera makes for the perfect gift for the selfie lover in your life.

7. Beautiful planner

If your best friend likes to plan her days carefully, then she will absolutely love this gift idea. It’s the best planning system to stay organized, achieve goals and preserve memories, all in one place. Just make sure you choose a planner with a wonderful cover design you know your BFF is going to love, and you won’t go wrong with this kind of present.

8. Wooden bath tray

If your BFF loves to relax and indulge herself in some at-home spa baths, a practical bath tray would be the ideal gift for her. With adjustable reading strands that protect books and tablets, these trays are perfect for holding everything from a wine glass to a cell phone, and anything else she may want to bring with her while she relaxes in the tub.

9. Birthday box

A DIY birthday box is a wonderful gift idea and a great way to show your friend just how well you know her. Whether you choose to fill it with her favourite sweets, makeup minis or wonderful pampering products, there is no denying she will enjoy a thought-out and personalized gift like this.

10. Gift card

If you still don’t know what your best friend wants and you didn’t get inspired by these great ideas, gift cards for your BFF’s favourite stores make for the perfect last-minute present. All you have to do is visit the store, pick up a card and choose the amount, and you can let your best friend do the rest.

Whichever one of these amazing gift ideas you opt for, there is no denying your best friend will love you even more for it.