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Chick flicks are meant to romanticize realities. They should make every woman in theaters go gaga about the wonders of love, Mr. Right and happy ever after. But not all chick flicks revolve around love as there also about career-boost, work-life balance or follow your passion like the following:

Devil Wears Prada – Thanks to remarkable presence of Meryl Streep, the romantic side of this film became just like icing on top of the palatable cake.  It’s not that Adrian Grenier’s character Nate Cooper was blunt. In fact, he’s the kind of boyfriend you would to caress all-day long, but you couldn’t also resist challenge of a fierce boss like Miranda Priestly (Streep).

In this 2006 flick, Anne Hathaway played a freshly grad wannabe reporter Andrea “Andy” Sachs. However, Sachs landed to a popular fashion magazine, but as personal assistant of demanding editor-in-chief.  To fulfill her job, Andy experienced office politics, humiliation, stress and somewhat forced transformation.  She managed all those challenges and became the next it girl.  But in the end, the movie conveyed that when it comes to career what still matter was Andy’s values.

The Princes and Me – Perhaps in real life about only 1 percent of ladies who will say no to a handsome royal blood lad like Crown Prince of Denmark/Edvard III (Luke Mably). In the movie, that one percent was represented by commoner, but smart pre-medical student Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles).

This 2004 film fulfilled the prince charming idea in every possible practical ways. Prince Edward eloped from Denmark, pretended as annoying but sweet Eddie, and fell in love with Paige. However the movie didn’t only featured breaking the lifestyle differences status or lifestyle. It also effectively presented the weight of being the next leader, as well as the braveness and determination to achieve your dream career.

One of the sought-after scenes here was when Eddie felt envy of Paige because she had clear career-plan and determination to become a doctor.

Credit: Universal Studio
Credit: Universal Studio

Reality Bites – Even before Reese Witherspoon and Katherine Heigl reigned in the big screen, Winona Ryder was of the screen goddesses especially in 90s. She used to portray offbeat roles, but in 1994 she starred in Reality Bites, which directed by comedian and her co-star in the film Ben Stiller.

The backbone of Reality Bites was about the struggles of Generation X or the twenty-something yuppies in early 90s. Ryder played Lelaina Pierce, a college class valedictorian, who from being a mere TV production staff became a desperate jobless woman.  She had three friends named problematic gay Sammy Gray (Steve Zhan), sales supervisor in clothing line The Gap Vickie Miner, and the easy-go-lucky minimum-wage-earner Troy Dyer (Ethan Hawke).

The movie featured relevant issues for young professionals such as HIV, coming out as gay, job termination, rejection, power tripping, and even over qualification. But its not boring or all about angst as it also showed the happiness of having real friends in time of your personal crisis and friends-turned-lovers relationship (Lelaina and Troy).