animated children's book

“Watching” an animated children’s book has become a part of kids’ lifestyle nowadays. Reading bedtime stories no longer lulls a child to sleep but the voices of different characters on animated videos. Children have become more exposed to technology, and their access to it has increased, too. Still, technology can, and is considered a blessing to many because of the many benefits it has done to the way we do things today.


Here are 3 reasons to why you should choose to make your children “read” an animated children’s book today:


  1. An animated children’s book makes learning fun but effective.


Though schools and other learning facilities use the traditional way of teaching through books and other reading materials, using an animated children’s book would make the experience more fun. Either in the form of video or augmented reality, kids would surely enjoy the graphics and music as the story unfolds. The words are still there, but the visuals are more entertaining and interesting because they’re in digital form. Kids would surely feel bored or uninterested at one point when you hand them traditional books, so might as well change your technique.


  1. An animated children’s book helps kids become engaged.


When books are presented to kids in form of videos, they sure would likely get interested in listening and watching it because of the catchy tunes and colorful graphics. There are animated children’s books which call for the viewer’s response, so it makes the kids interact with the characters as they learn altogether. Today, augmented reality children’s books are becoming a “thing”, just as how Pacha’s Pajamas brings about fun learning through its books. It is basically a traditional book with a story and illustrations, but what’s more to this is that when the Pacha Alive app is being hovered on the drawings, they come alive through the augmented reality technology.


  1. An animated children’s book encourages fast learning.


Whether it’s an augmented reality children’s book or an animated story on Youtube, kids will see it as something more interesting that they unconsciously remember every word that the speaker says. Most animated children’s books have repetitive phrases or words which would make children remember them. Also, the graphics and images can help widen a child’s imagination as he can easily understand the story because he can visualize it.


Some people may think that traditional books still make the best teaching tools and that technology only makes children become lazy or dependent on gadgets, but it really does have benefits especially when used the right way. Just as how Pacha’s Pajamas incorporates technology with their books, children will experience more fun as they learn stories and lessons. Pacha’s Pajamas uses augmented reality which makes the drawings come to life as you hover the Pacha Alive app over them. With this new concept, kids would surely discover a new way to learn through Pacha and her adventures.

animated children's book


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