By: MJ Gonzales |Gogagah

Philippines is rich of interesting and historical caves that any tripper and adventure should try.  However, always remember that spelunking or caving requires energy, cautions and determined heart.  There are caves that easier to explore like the Underground River in Palawan via boat riding, while the others are physically challenging and dangerous without tour guides.

Secure if you’re fit to go.  Maybe you have adventurous mind, but don’t risk your health if you’re not fit to do caving.  It’s similar to hiking and trekking so strong stamina is needed to survive the heat, cold, sweats, and other uneasiness inside the cave. Don’t push if you’re not ready and choose a cave that is easy to explore.

Wear right gears.  Helmet, gloves, and enduring footgear are the basic things to wear. Sometimes there are cave managements that automatically include gears in their asking fees. But to be sure, it’s better to research about your cave especially if people who manage it offers spelunking gears or bring your own accessories. On the other hand, choose outfit that’s comfortable and strong for spelunking because you can’t really tell if you skin, knees or legs are safe from edges of rocks.

Bring essential accessories – Obviously, spelunking requires lifting, passing through tight spaces, and walking into darker spots so carrying so many stuff is not a good idea.  It is recommended to pack only what are essentials like water, portable and lightweight camera with cover, and flashlight.

Follow and respect your guide. To begin with, guides are there to assist trippers before, during, and after their spelunking adventure. Some visitors forgets this especially if a guide talks about history, belief, and warnings.  Majority of Caves are historical and former habitat of indigenous people like Tabon Cave in Palawan; Biak-na-Bato in San Miguel, Bulacan; and Sumaging-Latipan-Lomyang Crystal Cave in Sagada, Mountain Province so you should  pay respect.  caving Palawan_by hitokirihoshi