Promote Your Business | 3 Tips to Follow for Using Instagram to Promote Your Business | With 1 billion active users, Instagram is currently the best place for both the big as well as the small businesses. You might not know that Instagram is capable of providing more engagement in comparison to the other platforms like Twitter or Facebook. This has been responsible for providing the businesses with opportunities for marketing their services and products to an audience base, which are also looking out for your kind of business. As said by, 35% of online adults are using Instagram. However, you cannot deny the fact that the competition between the businesses on Instagram has also started to increase and this is why you need to educate yourself regarding how you can succeed in this competitive market.

Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow in order to get free instagram likes and master Instagram for your business.

Highlight what you are capable of doing

It is crucial that you concentrate on the kind of solution that you are providing instead of highlighting the products or services that you are offering to the customers. On the visual platform, you need to make sure that you are adding value to the customers and while you are doing so, you need to look pretty. You can also never underestimate one of the most important facts that the most significant asset that you have on Instagram is definitely visual content.

If the business that you are running is service oriented, you need to concentrate on displaying the process that goes on behind providing that particular service. Ensure that you are showing the culture of your company, share the mission that you have with your present or potential customers, or you can also share certain important tips. Do not forget to upload photos or short videos in order to attract your audience.

Create a great profile

It is obvious that as a business, you are responsible for doing a number of things and offering the ideal solutions to your customers. However, you should not get caught up in ensuring that you fit everything within the 150 characters. Ensure that you are concentrating on your unique selling proposition or the big thing that you are planning in the future, for example, launching any product, event, or any kind of product promotion. Do not forget to enter your website link in your Instagram bio because this is the only place where you have the option of inserting the clickable link. This is going to ensure that people directly visit your business website. You can also earn free Instagram likes when your brand starts getting recognition.

Take time for a behind-the-scenes tour

Each and every customer is known to have curiosity regarding where the products are coming from. Instagram is probably the best place for showing the complete life cycle of the products to your present and potential customers. However, this is most relevant to those brands, which focus on selling products that are eco-friendly.

If you do not have an idea about what you should show to your customers, you can show your sketches, the notes that you have taken down during any meeting, or you can also show your blackboards and whiteboards filled with different business ideas. This is definitely one of the best ways of showing your customers what goes on behind the production of the final product.


You need to ensure that you are following the three aforementioned important tips. These steps will definitely help you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Kristen Smith is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of free Instagram likes for her postings