3 Tips on Avoiding Clogged Drains By Drain Cleaning Experts

Gogagah.com | 3 Tips on Avoiding Clogged Drains By Drain Cleaning Experts | Nothing can be more frustrating or irritating when it comes to household chores, such as cleaning a clogged or blocked drain. Watching the water draining very slow or flowing back from the drain can be a very daunting experience and cause inconvenience to the entire family. If the clogged drain problem is recurring and persistent, you may need to call in the drain cleaning experts to get the plumbing lines cleared.

While bad plumbing could be one of the reasons for clogged drains, homeowners too could be responsible for the drains clogging up frequently. Clogged drains are a very common occurrence in both residential and commercial premises and can be avoided if one takes certain preventive measures and ensures that pipes are cleaned regularly and maintained by drain cleaning experts

In this blog, we will share some important suggestions from drain cleaning experts regards to the reasons behind clogged drains and share important tips on how to avoid them.

1. Hair & Soap Accumulation Over a Period of Time

Hair and soap are two of the most common things that flow down a drain almost every day. This could be through us taking a shower, shaving, or even just washing our hands. The hair and leftover soap chunks let down in the drain from hairballs. Eventually, this gradually grows in size and end up clogging the drain. They are also not easy to clean on our own, due to which we may need to hire drain cleaning experts to clear them. 

One good solution to avoid such situations is to use a fine mesh that stops the hair and soap chunks from flowing down the drain, thereby reducing, or preventing clogs in the drainage system. Adopting a separate disposal system for your hair while shaving and soap chunks will also help reduce the problem drastically and ensure a trouble-free performance by your drains for many years to come.

2. Grease & Food Scraps

These are the other two most important reasons for blocked drains, especially in the kitchen. Grease accumulates over time from dishes that are washed in the sink and eventually forms a thick residue through which the water cannot pass easily. And combined with small food scraps, the grease ends up clogging your entire drainage system, requiring the services of drain cleaning experts to open them up. 

Using a good quality strainer that holds back the small food scraps, is the best way to avoid grease and scrap accumulation over time. 

3. Not Cleaning and Maintaining Them Periodically

It may sound hectic but it’s not.  Many drain cleaning experts suggest keeping your drains clean from any debris, toiletries and food particles and ensure that they don’t pass down the drain or they may end up clogging the drains. Running hot water through your drainpipes once in a while will help melt any oil and grease accumulation in the drain pipes.

It is also advisable to use a heating pad below your kitchen sink, to melt any grease or fatty solids while passing down the drain to prevent them from solidifying over a period and clogging your drain. Also, discard toiletries and soaps separately. Instead of flushing them down the drain to prevent them from forming hairballs. 

Have Drain Cleaning Experts Check Your Drains PeriodicallyHaving professional drain cleaning experts to inspect and diagnose any problems with your drains, will help you keep themwell maintained and avoid any major clogging issues in the future. Clogged drains apart from causing inconvenience can also lead to health issues. Therefore, ensuring they are clean and flowing properly is essential for your family’s good health.