Kapurpurawan Ilocos (Credit: Hitokirihoshi)

MJ Gonzales |Gogagah.com

One time while chatting with my mother, who’s talking about her fellow senior citizen cousins and friends, I thought about my future.  What will I do after I retire from working or if I become an old like them?  Apart from to grow old happy, there’s only one idea that clearly crossed in my mind and that’s to travel. Why?


    You can replace money, but not the precious moments to remember.  Being innate frugal, it would be surprising for my friends if I borrow huge amount of money. But little did they know, I had Php 35,000 debt in 2012 because of my travel expenses. I recommend that you raise a travel fund unlike me, but personally I definitely have no regrets. I paid my debt in no time, but till now I’m so grateful whenever I remember my 2012 travel experiences.

  2. Enjoy What Life Can Offer Now.  I believe it’s not only the old age that can limit people to travel in the future, but also their life phase and environmental concerns.  If we analyze it, most of our financial problems are connected to our current life status.  Good examples for this are the newlyweds and first timer parents who need to pay attention in their primary obligations.

On the other hand, climate change and environmental problems also affect tourism. If we remember, Yolanda and a strong earthquake in 2013 destroyed some of the tourist spots in Visayas region.  Philippine Institute for Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) also warned that there’s a mega earthquake that will happen within this lifetime and around West Valley Fault.  Apart from these natural disasters, we know that man-made calamities like Global Warming become hugely devastating.

  • Feel the Calming Blessings of Nature. Although I’m not the athletic type, I like nature trips because I feel more adventurous and appreciative. When you travel in places like Baler (Aurora) or Kapurpurawan (Ilocos), you surely be grateful to God and nature for the incomparable mesmerizing views you’ll witness.
palawan by hitokirihoshi
Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Furthermore, even if you don’t know how to swim you can have wonderful moments where you can go in nth feet deep water level for more than 30 minutes. Thanks to snorkeling tools and “bangkero” tour guides,  traveler can experience magnificent world under the sea.

  • Travel expands your horizon. They say the “best teacher is experience.” So if travel let you feel the best experiences, then possibly you’ll also encounter the best teachers and lessons by touring around in different places.

Most of the time, I got the chance to personally interact with foreign nationals when I travel.  Few of my realizations in those experiences were they make me proud, humble and value human connection more than differences and similarities.  When I visited Palawan with my friends, I got the chance to casually chat and dine with Austrians, Brazilian, and American. I learned from them they’re motivated to earn money because they like to travel a lot.  All of them, touring around the Philippines for several times already because they like its lifestyle and views.