Christmas Decors

Patricia Aleckzandra | Gogagah | 5 DIY Christmas Decors | The BER months is here! And you know what that means? YES! Christmas is just a few weeks away. What better way to celebrate it is to decorate the house to make it extra special this Yuletide season. If you are sick and dreadfully tired of those usual Christmas ornaments you could buy on malls and stores, try making your very own decors. On Christmas, the decorations seems like fairy tales. Walls play an important role in the decorations. Redesign your room walls for Christmas day, best to do it with your family as a get together and fun activity

We gathered five simple decors you can do for this holidays.

  • Matchboxes Advent Calendar. Count down the days until Christmas with your personalized advent calendar. Gather 25 empty matchboxes and hot-glue them by rows of 9, 7, 5, and 3 leaving you one box. Wrap the rows with Christmas wrappers. Make sure the wrappers are secured enough. Then, hot-glue the rows together forming a pyramid. Number your matchboxes from 1-25 using stamp numbers or colored pens. Fill each matchbox with candy or trinkets.
  • Sparkling “Merry Christmas” Banner. Greet your guests a Merry Christmas using your own “Merry Christmas” banner! Apply school glue in front of your chipboard letters and sprinkle glitters all over it. Once dry, string the letters onto a ribbon or hemp twine and hang the banner somewhere in your home to see. You can also ditch the usual “Merry Christmas” and put iconic Christmas song lyrics like “Fa la la la la” or your favorite Christmas line! Be creative!
  • Photo Wreath. Tired of those ordinary Christmas wreath you usually see? Why not try doing your own version of wreath to hang during the season. Make it more personal by using black-and-white photos. Gather all the photos you want to use. You may use copies if you are worried that it would ruin the original ones. Hot-glue the photos to a wire wreath form. Hang it inside your house, in a corner where people can view it and enjoy.
  • Personalized Snowman Ornament. Can’t think of a new ornament to hang on your tree? Why not try giving it a bit of a white Christmas by hanging a snowman instead of Christmas balls? Using white acrylic paint, color baby food jar (or any jars you can seal and hang) while color the lids black. Seal the jars and decorate it with a snowman’s face. Add a ribbon or any string to hang your ornament.
  • Personalize Your Balls. If you want the whole family to represent your tree this year, personalizing your Christmas ball is the key. Using the ever-trusted acrylic paint, paint your balls white and have each member of your family decorate it. Hang it on your tree and… Voila! Not only do you have your own family Christmas tree, but also had that quality time with the family.

There are endless DIY projects you can do this Christmas season. What better way to do this is to gather the family and enjoy being creative. Besides, Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones right?

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