Custom Tshirts

Gogagah.comClothes go out of fashion every day. One day, you’ll find bootcut jeans trending and the next instance, skinny will be popular. But the t-shirt is one form of clothing which never goes out of fashion. Not only are they a staple in everybody’s wardrobes but also a canvas for many. It’s a canvas to showcase talent and creativity. Maybe this is the reason why they have become a starting point of business ventures for a lot of designers and entrepreneurs. Selling t-shirt designs online has turned into a mainstream business – it is a cost-effective way to start an entrepreneurial journey especially for those who are planning to get into the internet-based business.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous growth in the popularity of these businesses, which in turn, has increased the level of competition. To break through the competition, it is vital to come up with new and creative designs that people can love and relate to, the quality that people trust and a brand name that is synonymous to being the best. So, the most important thing is to come up with custom tshirts which can attract customers. Here are some cool t-shirt design ideas which will inspire and guide as to how to bring ideas to life and where to find readymade cool t-shirt designs you can sell.

Identify your customer

One of the most important things before starting a business is to understand the customer base, the people who will be served by the business. It is important to recognize the customers because they are the ones who will be buying and using the product. So as the first step, find a group of people as customers with whom you identify! The customer market could be anything – from hobbies, sports, and pets to social movements, books, and movies. 

While choosing the customer base, be specific. Targeting a base which is too broad would not be effective whereas if the target is too small, there will only be a handful of customers which will result in no or minimum profit. So, choose a base which can be targeted efficiently and will also result in a decent profit. The best way to choose a base is to get an understanding of what is happening around the community and what would relate with them. Be a part of the community of your target audience.

Look for the trending t-shirt designs 

After deciding the customer base, it’s time to start working on a design for t-shirts. Research the market and find out what is trending because everyone wants to stay in fashion and not become obsolete. Some of the ideas that can be used are:

  • Retro look: Today’s youth is bringing back the old ways. The ’80s and ’90s fashion trends are once again trending. So think pastels, huge patterns and go a bit eccentric.
  • Typography: Make the t-shirts inspirational. Print quotes from movies, books, and people or go with the latest trending slang. Today’s youth wants to wear their thoughts. So, resonate with the same.
  • Collage design: Go with a good old jigsaw puzzle and mix up images which traditionally would not make sense but with a touch of contrast and creativity to bring together beautifully.
  • Experiment: The T-shirt is a canvas, so go wild and eccentric. Selling print on demand means that there is very little risk. The upside will be that the design will go trending while the downside would only be that there will be a couple of extra shirts on hand.

Hit online resources

Online resources are the best ways to bring turn your vision to life. Hit Photoshop to make own designs, use sites which provide free ideas and templates when the inspiration to start from scratch is not there. Browse through the sites which provide royalty-free designs, photographs, and fonts which can be sold as one’s own or can even be edited. Creative Market, Flaticon, Shutterstock and Vexels are some of the recommended sites which offer such royalty-free designs. 

Hire a freelance designer. There are many sites such as Designhill and UpWork which have a team of hardworking freelancers available for hire. Not everybody is a designer by nature, which makes the execution of ideas tough. Internet is the best place to find help to execute such ideas.

Keep the line, color and texture simple

This is one of the important decisions as to the line; color and texture will decide how the idea will finally look on the t-shirt. All these aspects will come into play at the printer’s which will be used to determine the cost; this can either reduce the cost or increase it to a great extent. The more complex the design, the more cost will it need.

The best option is to stick to clean lines, solid colors and minimum shading.

For the color part, it is advised to use PMS colors in the designs because they are more accurate with the silk screener. This mode also makes color separations a lot easier and accurate.

Moreover, solid colors and clean lines never go out of fashion; keeping it simple with colors is the best way to go.

Use a good printer

It would not matter how good the design is if it does not come out on the t-shirt perfectly. A bad print could ruin the whole design. It is recommended to use the best heat press machine for the same purpose. Give attention to minute details as they will be responsible for the sales of the t-shirt. So before deciding on the printer, take time to learn about the type of t-shirt which is to be imprinted -the size, labeling options, weight, cost, all will affect your final product.