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They say that you can be anything on the internet. With the available social media sites, you can set who you are and be best in it. You can be a mother, a teacher, a child, an actor, or a financial adviser even if you don’t know how to budget wisely. One of the most used social media is the famous Facebook where people can be anything or anyone! With Facebook, you can also discover some of the most promising pages where you can find posts that will picture what you really feel. We have gathered five of the most wonderful feel-pages that Filipinos should be following.

For the broken dudes:


Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone you can confide with whenever your heart is broken, someone who would feel the same way as you do, someone who would understand the pain you feel? Here at Hugot Snap., you will not just read posts that will understand what you feel but will see picture-posts that will just give you the #feels. Hugot Snap. provides you the best hugots there is while giving you the accurate pictures to match those feels.

For the sunog-kilay students:


From first day feels to campus crushes, from petiks days to traumatic projects. Yes, we all have been there. Calling all students (which I guess is a lot), if you want something you can relate to, why not like Estudyante Problems. Their witty posts will surely catch your attention. Don’t worry if you aren’t a student anymore because Estudyante Problems will give you your throwback feels.

For the workaholics:


This busy world we live in can be stressing, tiring and can really take a couple of years away from you. That is why The Smart Filipino provides you your everyday tips for a productive life. They have tips for sleeping, for your creative being, for your everyday dilemmas, and for your work. Whether you are a millennial or not, currently experiencing mid-life crisis, or just confused with little things such as how to make your presentation worth presenting, The Smart Filipino is perfect for you.

For the artists by heart:


The beauty of art can be seen. And through this page, the voice of the artists can be heard. This page will give you an artist’s everyday hugots, thoughts and feels. Hugot Artist is a page where stress can turn into something beautiful, something worth reading and worth sharing, and we think that is beautiful.

For everybody else:


This page is the one for everybody else. If you feel happy, go to Design Pirate. If payday is fast approaching, like Design Pirate. If you think your future is not with him, click on Design Pirate. This page will give you the taste of random moments that can happen to everyone everyday. Check out their posts for more everyday feels.

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