CISA Certification is probably the best proof of your skill in the information technology field. And assuming that you’re looking to get yours in 2019, we’ll guide you through related information & crucial tips.

If you’re planning to attend exam in 2019 than its high time you should start the procedure. We’re going to give you 5 crucial tips. And in that, we’ll cover the whole process, register to the exam.

  1. Pick a Test Center

Before you move onto further formalities, you must find a suitable test site. Exam experiences vary a big time depending on the test site. So, be smart enough to find the best one. Keep some specific sides when choosing test site.

Especially, your accessibility. Then get to know about their quality. And getting in touch with recent examinees to know their experiences isn’t a bad idea either.

  1. Register for your Exam

After selecting your testing site, you can move onto the registration process. The CISA certification exam usually takes place twice a year, October-January & February-May. Find out which suits you more in your calendar. Pick one & you’re good to go to next phase. Registrar for your selected session.

  • Pay your Fee

Moving on to this phase, you have to pay your fee. Usually, the fee for the year 2018-2019 is $760. But here’s an exclusive tip. Get your ISACA membership first. That’ll reduce to exam fee to $575 by a discount. Becoming a member allows further discounts, as well as study materials & supports.

Well, you don’t need to be a member of ISACA to take the CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) exam, but don’t fret, you can get a discount on CISA exam fees if you are a member. Try this smart discount calculator to figure out the money that you saved after getting this CISA fee discount. Apart from the discount, you will also receive access to professional networking, volunteer opportunities, and online forums, professional and even industry advocacy, and more. However, take this percentage discount calculator into account to know the percentage that you got after submitting your fees.

  • Schedule your Exam

By completing the registration & payment, now you’re eligible for the exam. And it’s time to schedule. Keep in mind that you will not schedule your exam with ISACA. Your schedule will be in process by Testing Partner. Contact them & get your schedules for 2019.

  • Prepare for CISA Exam

All the formalities are put to an end. It’s high time you should start preparing. To perform a good score in the CISA course exam, you’ll have to follow certain guidelines.

 Organize Your Time:

If you’re attending the exam in 2019, you’re don’t have a lot of time. Make sure you plan a chart to be prepared for both Theory & Practical Exam for CISA.

Cover Every Domain:

In the CISA exam, you’ll be tested in 6 domains. Make sure no domains are left alone while you prepare. To secure a good score, you must have adequate knowledge in every domain. It helps to get not only good score but also to be versatile in a career.

Utilize The Membership:

As stated before, membership of ISACA comes with lots of benefits. And getting study materials is better than anything. It’ll save you the times in library to spend them in preparing. ISACA supplies a good amount of study materials on their website. And there’s always a good discount for their registered members.

Follow Recent Exam Question:

This is another good trick to be more prepared. This not only gives you the knowledge. But also gets you used to the exam pattern. Which eventually results in good confidence in the exam.

There it is. All 5 Crucial tips to get you over registration to the exam without difficulties. To get yourself a CISA Certification in 2019, start immediately.