by Kyla Camille |

Tired of waiting in line while giving away blank stares? Sick of trying to entertain yourself with music as your company on your way to school? Well, why don’t you try to download these free applications in your phone and let time pass by quickly? It’s a whole new level of challenge this time!

Hop Hop Hop


If you ever got hooked to the game craze entitled “Flappy Bird”, then this will surely interest you more! With the variety of character balls available, beat every high score by passing the ball through the hoops and getting mushrooms for points to unlock more characters.

It’s not as easy as you think it is!







Are you familiar with the game “Tetris”? This game looks somehow similar, but is not played with falling blocks. This time, you have the power to decide and place the blocks where you think they fit. But be careful! This game is hard to eliminate from your memory. (Really, it becomes part of your day dreams and thoughts before going to bed!)




Monument Valley


Have you ever looked at something for so long, trying to figure out which angle are you really seeing? In this game, challenge your brain in playing with angles as you help yourself unlock stories and levels in a very unique and complex dream-like world. I bet you wouldn’t want to stop playing!




Hyspherical 2


If you think timing is your forte, then play with these shapes and see how far you can control their patterns! It’s easy for a couple of levels, but wait until the lines and movements spice up the game for you!







If you think it’s easy to swipe left and right, you have to try this game! Familiarize yourself with different platforms and master your skill in estimating when to swipe on your screen!

Share these games with your friends and may the best player win!