5 Smart Garden Features For The Modern Home

5 Smart Garden Features For The Modern Home | The digital shift in gardening presents these five smart gardening features ideal for modern homes and plant enthusiasts.

When the pandemic hit last year, almost everything shifted to digital methods. Retail shopping turned to e-commerce to cater to the retail therapy needs of people. Restaurants are now at your fingertips through various food delivery apps. Searching for homes and commercial spaces is made more efficient through sites such as Lamudi. Even gardening became more efficient through these five innovative garden features for dynamic plant parents. Tilling the soil, watering your greens, and keeping your lawn well-maintained have never been easier.

Smart Lawn Mowing

If robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to keep your floors clean and sanitized, then smart robotic lawn mowers are perfect for keeping your grass beautiful. They are also portable and operated via smartphone apps. You’ll save yourself from the sweltering heat and back-breaking chore of keeping your lawn trimmed and looking like golf greens with a smart lawnmower.

Microgreens Growers

Growing herbs at home require soil, pots, and space. Smart microgreen growers are the solution for people who live in condo units or homes without expansive garden spaces like Phirst Park Homes. These intelligent and portable planters are great for raising basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, spring onions, and other essential herbs and spices for daily dishes.

The best part about smart microgreen growers is that they are self-watering and have a lighting feature that simulates sunlight. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to water your herbs or putting them out of the sun as your smart planter will do the gardening for you. 

Hi-tech Plant Monitors

For plant parents, beautiful and robust greens bring delight. Thanks to hi-tech plant monitors, green thumbs can now provide their precious gardens with ample sunlight, especially if they live in colder and cloudier climates similar to Tanza, Cavite’s weather. Besides proper lighting, these smart plant monitors also analyze whether your soil has the right nutrients for your plants. They also track humidity, moisture levels, and the amount of sunlight received by your plants.

Smart Sprinklers

Watering is one chore that plant parents need to be consistent with to keep their plants happy and healthy. However, there might be times when you forget to water your plants, or are too busy to set a schedule to regularly hydrate your greens. Don’t fret. Smart watering systems are available to keep your plants healthy and hydrated.

Smart sprinklers are perfect for larger garden setups. These hi-tech watering systems allow plant enthusiasts to schedule irrigation and operate it via their phones or computers. They also won’t have to worry about wasting water as the smart sprinklers only use an adequate amount of water to keep plants watered and healthy.

Robotic Weeders

Going back to the robotic route, removing weeds and other parasitic plants is now efficient, thanks to smart robotic weeders. These sleek and efficient gadgets run on solar power. Place them under a sunny spot for an hour or two, then activate them to eliminate pesky weeds from overrunning your beautiful lawn. 

As COVID-19 continues to change the way we do gardening, adding these five smart features makes tilling the soil and taking care of your greens more efficient. Consider investing in these systems for a hassle-free plantito/plantita adventure.