5 Tips to Have a Successful Family Movie Night

Gogagah | 5 Tips to Have a Successful Family Movie Night | Movie nights are the best ways to create memorable family time and bonding. After a busy week at work or school, catching up on a movie is a great opportunity to enjoy quality time with family and improve your relationships. But then, sometimes movie tickets can be so expensive to go every week. Besides, there is no need to watch a movie around strangers when you can stream The PirateBay in the comfort of your own home. Below are tips to have a successful movie night your family will love.

1. Decide movies you want to watch earlier 

Always pick a movie you want to watch beforehand. Although selecting one for everyone can be a challenge due to different tastes. One can love romantic comedies; another action or kids cartoons. How do you then go about solving this challenge? One way to deal with this is to watch two or three movies at night if your family has kids and tweens. The first should be for the young kids, then the parents, and the last one, for the teens if you allow them to stay up late. Optionally you can have everyone draw a hat or submit a selection. Or let each member choose turns to choose a movie for each week. Notably, choose a movie that the majority will love and if you have no idea, Google to see what movies are available to your streaming service.

2. Arrange a good setup 

What setup will you watch the movie? A poor setup can ruin your movie night, such as a noisy background, messy environment, poor visual quality, among other things. Therefore, if you are the planner, ensure you create a good setup for everyone. Thus, invest in good viewing equipment like a better TV set and create a comfortable space for viewing. Do not forget to keep it as cushy as possible. Therefore, a comfortable seat is a sure way to ensure everyone is having a great time. Again, just because you planned the movie night, it does not mean all the responsibilities are yours for the night. You can divide the tasks like cleaning, organizing, and setting up the video before the movie starts. 

3. Get creative 

If you are the family that loves going all the way out. You can create a theme to excite each other about movie night. For instance, if you want a Lord of the rings marathon movie night, go out and decorate the living room to make it feel and look like Bilbo’s hobbit house. Choosing a theme for your once-per-month family movie night experience is a fun way to enjoy the experience. Also, you use movie-themed cups, plates, and t-shirts, and you can ensure you use individual snack trays. Others enjoy it better when they add another activity to the movie night, like playing games. 

4. Prepare your snacks 

Another way you can incorporate into the theme is through the snacks you prepare. You can create movie-inspired snacks to excite the kids. Some of the simple snacks for almost everyone are French fries, or you can choose elaborate ones such as Cheshire cat cupcakes or finding dory treats. If you prefer healthy snacks, you cannot miss some to share for the movie night, such as baked pickles, zucchini chips, and candies grapes. But, if you are short on time and you just planned for an impromptu movie night, you can always choose popcorn as the old tradition can never fail you. Plus, it should not be boring for you can find yummy popcorn recipes you can try online to add flavor to your movie night. Also, use the time of preparing snacks as a bonding time with family before the movie starts. 

5. Schedule 

Last but not least, schedule your movie night. It can be a specific day every week. Once per two weeks or a month to make it easy for everyone to prepare for it. Also, you can consider others who have tight schedules and be flexible to change for their sake when they are available. Plus, do not forget why you do movie nights to create a happy, fun time and memories people can remember for years. Plus, to strengthen bonds.

Gogagah | 5 Tips to Have a Successful Family Movie Night