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By: MJ Gonzales |Gogagah

Patience is a virtue and perhaps you’re only saving glory if you’re in a traffic jam or waiting for a delayed flight, and your turn after a long line. Whether you’re expecting these scenarios or not, better to find activities that will entertain you or make you productive while waiting. After all letting irritation to affect you may ruin your mood during your journey.

Scan old messages or photos and delete.  There are times that you need to take photos, but you can’t because your mobile phone’s memory is full already. Hassling documentary and photography, you need to do it tediously in crucial times.  Thus, why not do the deleting time while you are waiting and your phone is only your best buddy at the moment. Scan old messages or photos and erase items that are unimportant. Your gadget may even function so well after you do it.

Read magazine or newspaper. Offices purposely put magazines or newspapers on tables at their reception areas. Take time to read or browse them, don’t bother whether a material is far from your usual interest.  Let your reading spree help you to discover things and ideas. Who knows, you find an answer in your problem or clues for your next travel in other countries and provinces.

Practice your skill in photography. Nowadays you can’t separate photography and travel because the former will serve a tangible reminder of your amazing experience.   On the other hand, you don’t need an expensive camera or have to attend a formal class to become good photographer.  But you should start to learn the basic, know the features of your digital camera or phone, and keep on practicing it. If you can go around, like for example you are waiting at the airport, take photos of interesting subjects like clouds, airplanes, and arrival and departure areas.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Doodle or write.  Doodling is not good if you’re busy, but there’s something about it that brings good effects to people. According to a report of Wall Street Journal, doodling may help to gather ideas, remember information, and retain focus. Meanwhile, writing your ideas while hanging from a hammock with a sturdy hammock carabiner or just sitting under a tree — as if you doing journal, creative, or essay writing, and setting your goals is very rewarding.  In fact, there’s such thing as writing therapy that may also help you to loosen up while waiting.

Just walk around.  Walk whenever you can because it’s a good and easiest form of exercise. It offers benefits  like to breathe and sleep better, shed weight, have positive mood, and stronger joints.