Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales |Gogagah

Travel can mean breaking away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day routine. It relaxes and refreshes you to the point you’ll be reminded that there’s life beyond your house and office. However, do you sometimes feel that you’re not living at the moment when you’re travelling? Check if you truly enjoy your travel with the following hurdles:

Too much reliance in technology.  Gadgets are best buddy in your trips and they can be rubbers of your enjoyment too, if you rely on them too much.  Smart phones are good as long as they’re charged and have signals. What if you’re relying on online map and navigation app, but unfortunately your gadget is not working well. Hustle, right?  As much as possible, don’t use your phone often like as if you’re not in travel mode. Your friends will surely can wait a day or week for the update of your getaway experience.

Didn’t do your research well.  Ignorance is quite expensive especially if you’re going to somewhere you are unfamiliar. You are prone to double your expenses, lost in an unknown places, and unsafe in the hands of strangers.

You let your worries affect your focus. Whatever magnificent view you see or amazing sound you hear, it is nothing if your focus is in another side of the planet.  Be present, focus your attention to here and now and pray. You will enjoy your experience if you’re being mindful of places you visit and persons you talk with.cuba-1197800_640

Putting more weigh in with your negative assumption.  Assumption is not bad, if you know when to use it for your advantage. However, one disadvantage of too much assumption is believing that your fear is possibly true. Be cautious all the time, but try also to become open-minded about the people you encounter and situations you experience. It will liberate you to trust and find excitement in unknown. Remember that discovery is one of the answers why traveling is awesome experience.