Patricia Aleckzandra | Gogagah |Facebook is the world’s most used and popular social media platform with 1.79 billion monthly active users worldwide. As of 2016, the Philippines has 39.8 million FB users and is expected to reach 43 million this 2017. As it goes higher, the chances of seeing more annoying posts increases. Admit it, the problem with FB is not the settings or the bugs, but the people who continuously make the platform less friendly. Now that it is 2017, it is the perfect time to change your ways if you plan to stay longer on Facebook. Be that less-annoying Facebook user by avoiding the following:

  • Posting nude photos. In Facebook’s policy, it is stated that they prohibit photos of actual nude people, but paintings and sculptures are allowed because they obviously are a form of art. As long as you are not neither of the two, you are (by policy) not allowed to post your naked photos on this platform EVEN IF IT IS YOUR OWN PROFILE. This is not a porn site or a porn magazine, this is Facebook. Have decency.
  • Too much profanity. Keep in mind that this is a platform where even kids aged 5 has an account. Cursing/Swearing on every post you make is against Facebook law. If you really cannot avoid profanity, edit your audience. Choose the people who you would think will want to see your post. NOTE: Do not blame us if your account is suddenly turned down by Facebook. Remember that any report made is taken seriously, and if Facebook’s staff feel you have crossed the line, face the consequences of your actions.
  • Posting literally everything. Even if you are only friends with people you often talk to, posting everything you do on Facebook is a big  NO. We don’t need to know that you just woke up, what you ate for breakfast, what you are doing as of the moment, and every single thing you do. Most of the time, your 4,000+ Facebook friends don’t just really care. Stop making Facebook your virtual diary.
  • Changing your name. Why would you name yourself Rehpotsirhc Seyer, or Ako Si Xtarr if that is not your real name? Facebook is created so that friends, whether long lost ones or not, reconnects and stay connected with each other. How would they do that if your Facebook account is owned by someone whose name is Mhaldita Si Akoh?     
  • Bullying. Need I say more?
  • Being a constant humble brag. Whether you like it or not, you will come face-to-face with a humble brag. Being a humble brag every once in awhile is good, but do not do it often. Humble brags are people who self-promote in a subtle way. Your greatness should be recognized by other people, so quit bragging about yourself.

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