Alternatives to Netflix

Gogagah | Nobody would ever have thought it would be as big as it is today when Netflix was founded in 1997. His constantly growing catalog of films and TV shows from around the world has something for everyone. It serves over 137 million subscribers from horror to romanticism. These numbers will only increase with their aggressive expansion plans.

There are some shows and movies on Netflix while it has almost all under the sun. For example, HBO’s Game of Thrones, only HBO Go or HBO Now can run.

Also, in every country Netflix is not yet available. Here is a list of 7 best alternatives that you can find will prove to be the best for Netflix

Amazon prime

Prime Video is a relatively new player on the market, but it already boasts an impressive list of original and third-party content, compared to services like Netflix.

In the last few years, Amazon has raised the ante. Their investments have been heavy for their subscribers to produce original content. The result is fantastic shows like The Man in The High Castle, Jack Ryan of Tom Clancy and many others that will hook you immediately. Although Netflix has a pure number edge, Amazon appears to be closing.

Amazon Prime is subscribed at $99 per annum and is more affordable than its competitors. You also access Amazon in addition to accessing films, TV-shows and stand ups.

Starz play

Premium networks have begun to offer their shows and films on their own streaming services in recent years. Starz Play, one of the best premium networks in the US, is an initiative from Starz.

Your exclusive film and exhibition catalog is available at $7.99 a month to US or Puerto Rican residents. Take the 7-day trial if you’re unsure. Register for the trial is free, but your payment details must be provided.

It can be found in Google Play, the App Store and Roku. You can watch them offline as well as streaming your favorite movies and shows.


Showtime can be a good choice for Netflix if you’re in the US. Almost every device, including your game consoles, is available. It will cost you $11 per month no matter which platform you choose. They are also connected to Hulu and Amazon. It will cost you only $9 per month if you’re already subscribed by one of these.

There is not much variety, as you will only pay for streaming shows. Rest assured; anything you find is of high quality. There’s plenty for everyone from horror shows like Penny Dreadful to famous comedies such as Shameless.


Hooq offers on-demand access to approximately 100 shows and 2000 films only available in the Asia-Pacific regions. Although the numbers are not very impressive especially when you are confronted with industrial giants such as Netflix and Amazon, they are constantly improving. It’s also much cheaper than its competitors, costing only Rs.89 per month (around $1). If you want to give it a shoot, a 30-day trial is available.

Although they have over 2000 films, not everything for streaming is available. New films can only be rented out. It’s dirt cheap, then again. You get so many great movies at once for $1 per month.


Although innovative titles on websites such as Netflix and Amazon are not lacking, they only invest in content that attracts most of their subscribers.

Fandor has more than 4000 indie movies and films launched in 2011. You will have access to obscure films for $10 per month which are not anywhere else available. You’ll love that Fandor bring to the table, if you’re bored by the usual Hollywood flicks.

Fandor says they evaluate thoroughly whether it’s worth your time before hosting a film on their website. Hand-picked films and documentaries are served to you.


Pureflix is an online platform priced at 10.99 dollars a month, focusing on providing family-friendly and Christian films on demand. It is available on Roku, GM, Amazon FireTV, PC, Xbox One and Apple TV. It is available on Amazon.

Pureflix began in 2005 and continued to develop its content catalogue. In addition to the movies, educational, religious, children’s and TV shows are also available. The new contents will never run out as they update their catalog continuously.

Pureflix is the way to go if you want to stream movies with your family. Before charging you, a 30 day trial is available.


With several TV shows, Snagfilms offers more than 5000 documentaries and indie films at any cost. There is publicity, but your experience is never ruined.

Most films with rare exceptions are available in high quality. The content available on this platform is exclusive. You will not find any of the most popular films and television shows, however. Once you look at a few films and shows, the recommendation bar takes effect and its suggestions are more or less accurate.