best presentation tools | 7 Best Presentation Tools for Entrepreneurs | True to what most people believe and what is observed, that which is visible will be the most successful. In the era of digitization and social networking, a person sitting in India can promote/sell themselves for a prospective job in London. All thanks to presentation skills. Back in the days, the only possible presentation tool was PowerPoint Presentation. All the entrepreneurs go to applications like Canva to make any presentation was and to some extent still is, PowerPoint. You have a sales pitch to give; design a PPT, a top manager has a review meeting, again put in all the information on PPT. Such was the power of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Although PowerPoint is a very effective tool for certain scenarios, however, there are plenty of other presentation solutions and tools that people can use to their benefit to convey their ideas and messages. As of recently, there are so many more mediums of presentation that people use. For starters, there is Keynote, Slide Share, Google Slides and PowerPoint. In the day and era of all this competition and ambiguity, people have to come up with out of the box and newer ideas to convey what they want to say in more attractive and effective ways.

For the new entrepreneurs who are looking to shake things up a bit, we bring to a list of 7 other applications that you can use to work on to highlight and showcase your abilities and skills. Brace yourself as we take you on a journey to see how you can present effectively.

BECOME VISIBLE WITH VISME: With everything now getting stored in the virtual cloud, we talk of an application that allows you to create extremely creative and visual presentations on the cloud. It is easy to use and has a drag and drop feature available that makes it very easy for people to create visually impactful presentations. For all those people who represent a certain company and business, Visme comes with an auto detection tool, where every slide you make will feature the brand name and the logo along with a similar colour scheme as well. What’s more Visme also has an inbuilt analytical tool that will let you know who has viewed your presentation completely, sort of like WhatsApp feature where the blue tick shows that the recipient of the message has seen the message. They offer flexible rates that start from $20 per user per month and goes up to the price of $60.

DECK UP WITH HAIKU DECK: If simplicity is your middle name then, Haiku Deck is the software that you can rely on. Haiku Deck is a platform that solely believes in simplicity. Sort of on the lines similar to that of PowerPoint, users can create multiple slides using high-quality images incorporated within elegant designs. This left aside, what really makes Haiku Deck different from the others is the vast library of images that stocks along with options of fonts. This software is accessible on almost all devices and the price range varies from $7.99 to $29.99.

BECOME TERRIFIC WITH PITCHERIFIC: Have you often had the thought that maybe presentations would be easier only if you had a platform where you can practice to make them? This just got answered with the help of pitcherific. Pitcherific is not only a presentation solution, but it also acts as a niche and a platform that enables people to build and practice making presentations. Based on the platform where you need to present, this platform offers layouts of different types such as elevator pitch format, business presentation format and a sales pitch format. The pricing and costing depend on your organization needs, so you can in touch with them to see the best price that they can offer you.

CANVAS IT OUT ON CANVA: A small but very efficient platform which provides a wide range of templates so that entrepreneurs can design business related items such as newsletters, business cards, resumes, media kits and brochures. The best part about Canva is that it is easy to use and can be operated from any device like the computer and even your smart tablets and mobiles. They have the option of several free designs that can be used by the non-paid users and for those who have paid; there are a plethora of options available. Attractive and self-explanatory designs and formats that will enhance whatever written content you want to display.  The free version can be tried for a month post which you can take the plan of either $9.95 or $12.95.

SLIDE TO SUCCESS WITH SLIDEBEAN:  Considered as one of the best alternatives to PowerPoint, Slidebean offers a few great out of the box looking templates that will take your message to another level. The only glitch here is that this software isn’t as user-friendly as the makers believe it to be.

MICROSOFT EVENTS: A prodigy of Microsoft itself, Microsoft Events is another platform that can be used to handle presentations. With this tool, one can create live and on-demand events in Microsoft 365. This platform enables people to combine HD videos with speech to text transcription. The best part is that all those people who are already subscribed to Office 365 don’t need to pay extra for this subscription.

POWER AWAY WITH POWTOON: Animations speak louder than words, and for the millennial entrepreneurs comes a platform which incorporates animated presentations and videos. This platform is none other than Powtoon. An extremely affordable tool which is pocket-friendly and effective, Powtoon can be used to educate consumers and clients about your product and business. It’s graphics and it is a message that your audience will remember for a long time to come.

Today what you present and how present it is equally important. Almost as important as it is to keep in mind that sometimes it is not about what you say but how you say it. For all you entrepreneurs who are looking to establish yourself successfully understand that presentation is the most important.

Author’s Bio – Henry Jones is a Content Specialist who loves to write content of almost all the niches and working in GoDissertationHelp, which provides the dissertation help services in all over the world.