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Everyone dreams to carry a light baggage for convenience and yet, we fear to tour around without our essential stuff. If your bag has limited space and it’s the only thing you can carry, what things you will put inside of it?

Underwear or Change of clothes. The numbers of your clothes depend on number of days or activities you will do, but it’s safer and convenient to bring one ensemble clothes or at least underwear.   Just choose the easier to pack, to dry, and fit for the type of your travel.

Medicines. If you can carry a medicine kit that’s better, but if you only touring nearby or in semi-commercial places you should bring only few. Just pick one or two of Antihistamines for Allergies (if you have), Analgesic for pain relief, Antacid for indigestion, Diarrhoea medicine, and disinfectant or antiseptic solution and ointment.  You may add eye lubricant drops, insect repellant or sting solution, and Motion sickness tablets depending on the condition of the place you will visit.

Wipes / Towel. You can’t prevent sweats and dirt, but you can bring things to counter those or any uneasiness like tissue, towel, and wipes. Among the three, choose the latter as it cleans your face and other part of your body in the absence of water and soap.

Snack to bite.  Unless you are diabetic and allergic, food to bring to ease growling tummy are candy, crackers, nuts and chocolate.

Water for hydration. Forget snacks, but not a bottle of water as you can survive even for days because of it.  It’s a must have for extreme activities like hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing although some travelers also bring energy booster drinks. It also recommended to have fluid and electrolyte replacement powder or tablets as per myDr.com.au.

Extra battery or chargers. Replace chargers and cords, if you have heavy- duty power banks for your gadgets. However, if you’ll stay longer in other place look for a reliable universal charger and portable outlet strip.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Pen and paper.  Taking down notes before your travel is advisable to do.  Thus, it good to bring a small notebook and pen for reminders and new ideas you need to write.