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Gogagah.com7 online games that offer an unlimited dose of fun | These days, you will find games everywhere, whether it is on the web, your smartphone, your tablet, or even within messaging apps.

Many of us aren’t serious gamers. However, we do like playing to pass the time. Knowing which the best games are means you can load up new devices with them. Others play more seriously and turn each match into a multiplayer event. You may fall in the first gamer category or the second one. Either way, you will enjoy these highly fun and a bit addictive games that we have found for you.

We must warn you, though. Once you start playing, getting work done might become impossible! Scroll down at your peril.

Chess: Bad Chess

This one is special because you can play it offline. However, it is nothing like the classic game of wits and strategy that you are used to. If you want to win this one, you’ll have to make your brain work a bit differently. Now the chessboard might seem standard to you. However, it is all in the pieces because they show up randomly! 

Sometimes, you will begin a game with one pawn, and we don’t know…three queens? Other times you’d be scratching your head and thinking what to do with a series of six rooks. No matter what you know about classical chess, you can’t win based on your knowledge. 

You keep winning, and you’ll raise your ranking. Even though the computer won’t get better ranks, they will get better pieces to start. Are you game enough for a match of bad chess?


As we grow up, responsibilities keep us apart from our friends during most of the work hours. The solution to that could be Spaceteam! Because one of the rules it has is that all players be close to each other physically. Once you are together, you will find that you are the crew on a spaceship. Everything that can go wrong on the mission will! Your job is to stay the course and for that, you’ll need to coordinate. If yelling different made-up space commands at each other doesn’t bring the memories of teenage or childhood back, nothing else will!

Available for both Apple and Android phones.



Fornite differentiates itself from the other games following in the footsteps of battle royale. But don’t dismiss it because of the uniqueness of its construction mechanics or cartoon-style graphics…at least not yet. Once you begin playing, you’ll find the premise to be familiar. Be the last to live in a round and win the game. Whether you do that solo or as part of a squad is up to you and your mates. Something to keep in mind that while you can play Fortnite on your PC and phone, you won’t find a functional version on the Google Play Store. For that, you will have to do some research.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga handles beautifully on all interfaces, i.e., both iPhone and Android phones and on your PC. It may have a bleak storyline. However, it is possible to win this tactical RPG with careful planning. 

You’ll find various creatures populating its world, including humans, the sinister dreg, giants, and centaurs. They all have voices. Particular to each tribe are their different attacks, tactical flourishes, and skills. Don’t worry about the destination; instead, let the music stir the gamer in you. Keep playing and expecting to make some hard decisions. The Nordish world will open itself to you in a mature, illustrated visual style. Just worry about survival in the apocalyptic setting, and the ending will take care of itself.


1001 Arabian Nights

If you love picking up mysterious treasures and adding them to your collection, then this the game for you. You will be playing in the Arabian Desert and work at uncovering the mysteries of the various legends of Arabia. All you must do is match the trifecta of tiles in a row, and they will be out of the grid. When you get rid of some of the tiles, you’ll find particular objects. Get them all, and you will have cleared a level. After that, it is all about laying claim to your riches! It may not be Super Mario, but it is quite addictive!

Rope Ninja at Unlimited Gamez

There are two great things that we’d like to mention here. Firstly, at Unlimited Gamez Mo, you can play an unlimited amount of games on your phone. Secondly, this is just one such exciting game – there are many others. Rope Ninja is an original on the website that prizes great timing and concentration. Your teacher, the rope master, taught you everything you’d needed to know about the art of the rope. But now you will put your knowledge to the test in this deceptively simple to play game. 


Do you like gritty and violent games where you get to shoot things? JYDGE is all that and an absolute blast that you must engage in. As the name suggests, you will play the role of a cybernetic law enforcement officer or the titular character. Your weapon is gavel that can dole out justice RoboCop-style! 

The challenges at each level are different. However, it never seems like a chore to complete because they are that much fun. Since criminals will often deal illegal cash – which you will have to confiscate – you can use it to upgrade your armor. Therefore, you may be laying down the law, but you will keep the money. Oh, and the soundtrack won’t start grating on your nerves after a few hours, either.

Keep yourself firmly plugged into the world of online games. Don’t let things get stale by playing different ones. You can choose some that are played solo. But don’t forget others will let you collaborate with your mates. And then there are the ones that will pit you against them. In the game world, physical distances don’t matter. All it asks of you is the fortitude to keep playing!

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