Small Plumbing Issues | Plumbing issues if not dealt in time, they can cause a lot of headache and larger expenses including enlarged water bills. So with the right tools and little practice you can easily repair small plumbing problems on your own. You can refer to various catalogs and online blogs on basic plumbing skills before jumping into the task. You may have to familiarize with local regulations and codes as some municipalities require hiring a certified plumber for certain jobs. You may require simple tools like a utility knife, plunger, adjustable wrench, pliers, screwdriver, plumbing tape, and caulking tape.


  • Leaky Faucet


A leaky faucet can be easily fixed by changing the washer. To do this you may have to understand types of faucets and size of the washer that will best suit it before you disassemble the faucet. You can check YouTube videos for detailed instructions.


  • Clogged Drains


Hair catchers are a great aid to prevent hair clogs in drains. Slow drains can be a result of faulty plumbing vents which should be addressed by plumbers but you can definitely fix clogged drains with the assistance of sink plunger or cable auger. Avoid conventional cleaners and instead, use natural solvents such as vinegar and baking soda from time to time.


  • Running Toilet


This can be caused due to faulty floater switch or stop valve in the tank. It is a large bulb at the back that stops water once the tank is full. Jiggling the lever may stop running toilet temporarily. For a permanent solution, you may have to get the whole ensemble replaced.  


  • Replacing sink sprayer


You need to know what kind of sprayer it is to get started. Older versions of sprayers can be changed without having to change the entire hose. If there is tearing in the hose then you may have to buy new hose and spray nozzle. New versions come as a single piece. Ensure you have plumbing thread before replacing the hose.


  • Upgrade Showerheads


Upgrade your old and worn out showerheads with low head showerheads that utilize 20-30% less water than traditional ones. They reduce your water bills without compromising on your comfort and are available in most of the hardware stores.


  • Caulking  showers and bathtubs


To address this problem all you need is the good quality caulking gun and the right caulk. There are many different types of caulks for different purposes such as sealing plumbing appliances, filling drywall cracks, etc. Make sure you have the right one by checking the label and you are good to go. Caulks are easy to use, inexpensive and long-lasting in nature.


  • Fixing a Sump Pump


Not everyone uses sump pump and it’s better to call a plumber if you are uncomfortable with electric work. Always unplug pump before getting to the task. Running motor constantly can easily fix certain issues. In the case of a submersible, the problem may arise due to dirt getting stuck below the float switch. You can easily clean and drain the sump pit by watching YouTube videos or taking guidance from your plumber next time.


  • Garbage Disposal


Clogged garbage disposals can be easily fixed. New models come with hex wrench and you don’t even need an extra tool to repair them. It also comes with a manual that explains how to fix your garbage disposal if it ever gets jammed. Always turn off the power source before getting to work. Ensure that you know what type of foods can be intended and run it regularly to avoid clogs and jams in the future.

Final words

Whether its leaky faucet or dripping showerhead, you can easily repair them with some basic tools and little practice. Just get familiar with rules and regulations in your area as some tasks need to be addressed only by professionals in order to ensure your safety. Always unplug electric devices before you start working on them. You can take the assistance of YouTube videos and tutorials, or ask for guidance to the local hardware store if you get stuck. Many faucets and other fixtures come with manual and instructions regarding their repairs and installation which can come handy.