React Native Apps | “The world had never been more powerful with technology” as we move ahead into time, this phrase sounds nothing like a Hailey’s Comet. It is as if people have just presumed they have been living with the Internet, smartphones, tablets, and other innovations for thousands of years.

Right now, the one thing people yearning towards is the new approach, new ways to use the discovered tools of the Internet. The developers are keen to know the unearthed possibilities of all platforms of the Internet.

Of all the apps creating platforms, react native has been the star player of the market. The whole and sole reason is that mobile phones are not going anywhere. So, when you hire react native app developers, they uncover every small detail of improvement.

With the snap of just a single code base, react native conquers the compatibility of both Android and iOS.

However, we all know JavaScript is the one place where every element of coding begins and ends. It is the strength that holds the pioneer of an app.

But what about the pretty packaging? The users of an app need an attractive layout to be fond of its features. The templates are the significant contributors; app developers have ever come across.

The beauty is that they are continually evolving, and this year 2019 is a preset bringing pack punch templates. Confide in us with the following list of models that will give your app a complete makeover you’ve always wanted.

  • React App Builder; an All-rounder


A template that is designed to serve an all-rounder purpose has a design for everyone. Don’t bother about being a developer or non-developer; we got everything covered.

The Reach app builder template brings in plentiful of features that behold the creativity to design social media apps, event apps, food ordering, shopping, or an app for any other purpose.

Served with over numerous templates, the app builder customizes the design, color, shape, layout, and every other possible feature.

Give yourself a headstart, by uploading the completed version of the app on Google play store.

  • TechStore; the pillar for non-developers

Don’t worry; the world is not biased towards the non-developers. No one can point the finger at you and say that you cannot create a mobile app.

React native, and Shopify join hands to provide the ease and speed of development. The business owners are just one click away to install the process and head on for a new e-commerce app.

Sit back like you relax on a beach chair, as all the elements like Drop down menu, product lists, shopping cart, and more are just one tap away.

  • Mstore Pro; converting mobile apps from Estore


Are you not a novice store over the internet? Oh, well you do have an e-commerce website running successfully over the internet.

However, its time we take the leap from online presence to a more personalized touch of mobile apps.

The Mstore Pro stays true to its name offering a magnitude of experience while your struggle to create your mobile app.

Forget if you ever learned coding skills (like not really), the support of WordPress and WooCommerce brings a lot of other features as a part of the package.

  • The Flexible master; BeoNews Pro

A template, most suited for WordPress websites that offer a load of information through blogs and news. So, basically BeoNews Pro is all about focussing on the content favored apps.

The react native app development has a worth even for the informative and knowledge sharing applications.

  • ReactPage; Changing WordPress site into a Native app

The general public has access to multiple devices of technology. Thus an app or a website needs to be functional in various ways.

The performance of a business cannot be limited to the WordPress website, and the change takes place through the ReactPage template.

It is designed well-enough to transform the website into the windows/macOS app seamlessly. Nonetheless, the elements can keep coming to the app from the backend operations of WordPress.

  • Antiqueruby; a pipe dream of developer


What’s the one thing every developer needs from the app? High-performance speed, user-experience, and user-integration.

All these aspirants of the developers are combined into one template; i.e., Antiqueruby. Place this template and save hours of developers efforts; in the end, the users are served with a robust mobile app.

  • Add A Sequence of features with ListApp


An app that serves the list of shops, restaurants, or place suggestions usually uses a list view. The react native app development has an exclusive template made just for such apps; i.e., ListApp.

Along with the list view, the template brings other advantages with it. Some are like; map mania, booking features, media logins, etc.

All these features are a good trait of booking hotels, restaurants or online food ordering app.

  • Qribto turning Crypto website to apps

Cryptocurrency has been an alluring part of the industry. Several websites have risen in the name of dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Whether it is Android or iOS, WordPress websites will convert into apps with every bit of feature. All thanks to the Qribto template which unlocks the features with the keys from react native and WordPress REST API.

The hassle of coding wipes off like a clean bowled player, saving the extraordinary efforts of developers in featuring list layout, feature post, notifications, and the list goes on….

React Native Templates: A Million Dollar Idea

The future is standing in front of us, where the users demand interactive and feature-rich apps. But, every app has a different purpose and a unique set of audience to serve.

Thus, creating an industry-specific app becomes a great deal of hard work for developers while the non-developers stand still under the shelter of dilemma.

Though they can always hire react native app developers, the templates reduce the pain points suffered during crucial features.

Choose a template as your business profile permits and take a step into the world of mobile apps. The people of the 21st century like to keep the power of the Internet in the control of hands; i.e., Smartphones.