Wedding Technology

Just like the fashion industry, the wedding industry is ruled by trends. Today technology plays a significant role in defining and executing these trends. Wedding planners and enthusiasts have always found a way of adding the latest technology to make weddings even more enjoyable and beautiful. Some of the most iconic wedding technology trends which have now become an integral part of the proceedings include a wedding logo, wedding website, e-invites, video montage, etc.

Here are 8 wedding technology trends which are straight from the future:

  • Wedding Drones

Capturing the wedding moments has been a task which requires particular attention. These shots are the memorable keepsakes for a lifetime. The use of drones has taken this experience to the next level. Video and still photography using drones help capture the complete ceremony from an aerial view and add a breathtaking touch to the whole event.

  • GoPro Camera

While extreme sports enthusiasts and motorists widely use GoPro camera, the wedding industry has been using technologies as well. There are certain moments which are the most special in a wedding – walk down the aisle being one of them. Miniature cameras similar to the GoPro, can be adjusted in your flower bouquet and capture your view from the same vantage point so that you can relive those precious moments just as you saw them. Similarly, the camera can be hoisted on the officiant’s podium which can capture the couple and all their guests during the ceremony.

  • Artificial Intelligence designing services

You can use an AI-based tool to create a unique logo design using your initials. Such tools help you create a wedding logo within minutes. The wedding logo can be used in invites, giveaways. Another great way to utilize these tools is to create a professional website design exclusively for your wedding. This has become an affordable endeavor using the AI tools and can be used to upload your wedding details right from the invite to wedding pictures.

  • 3D Printing the decor and giveaways

Accessible 3D printing has been one the most significant developments in this era. Immediately the decor elements can be customized, and 3D printed without breaking the bank. Cake decor and wedding decor can be 3D printed and add a unique charm to the complete arrangement. The wedding logo you design can be easily converted into an element for the backdrop using 3D printing. You can even have unique wedding favors 3D printed for your guests.

  • Selfie Sticks and Charging stations

Selfie sticks can be spotted in all events and celebrations. They provide wider angles and ease of capturing the moments with large groups. While everybody busy clicking pictures, placing charging stations can be a bonus where the guests can charge their mobile phones.

  • GIF Photo Booth

Gone are the days of primary photo booths. Today you can have your very own GIF photo booths. The camera takes photo bursts and creates GIFs by stringing these photos together. Guests can upload these GIFs to their social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • Periscoping the wedding

While people used to stream or upload their wedding proceedings online earlier, with the periscope, this has become relatively easy and quick. Designate one of your friends and live-stream the ceremony so that friends and family, who could not attend your wedding, can be a part of it virtually.

  • Robot Bartender

Robots have become more than a whimsical imagination for sci-fi movies. Get one to man your bar station or even officiate the wedding! Gadgets like Somabar come with preloaded alcohol, and the guests can select their choice of drinks via a digital menu.

These technological trends do not end here; you can get an app to send your “thank you” notes or even create a custom filter using Snapchat. Use these to add a quirky element to your special day or to lend you a hand. Have fun planning and exploring!


Technological trends affect each aspect of our lives, and the wedding industry is no different. You can now create your customized wedding logo, Snapchat filter and much more with the new futuristic trends.