by Kyla Camille Nievera, |

Growing up as a 90’s kid, it was pretty exciting for you when your mother, or any of the elders, lend their valuable Nokia phones to you.  It always meant playtime – and the games were totally grand! (Which kids nowadays won’t probably understand why)

So, what are the most played games in Nokia phones back then?

  1. SNAKE
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How can you forget that one game that made your heart race so fast when the snake’s too long and you try so hard not to coil it up? You developed the skill of quick thinking before the snake bites its own body. You have tried playing it with thick walls, and the one where the snake could go pass through the walls and appear back on the other side. You spice up the game and try to impress your friends by speeding up the movement of the snake as you go for the high score. Yes, beating your friends in Snake was absolutely gold to you!


If there is one thing that was addicting in this game, it’s the sound it makes. It felt really nice hearing your shots destroying the enemy’s ships. During the game, you pray hard for that extra life that tails the ships ahead. Coming face to face with the “boss” or the “leader” was terrifying for you, especially because of the fact that they appear in the weirdest forms and faces. But, nevertheless, you always felt like a pro beating the monsters.


This game became more enticing to you because by this time, the phone had colors. Yes, for those who have not experienced playing with older versions of Nokia phones, everything didn’t have much graphics and colors, unlike the tablets and smart phones that we have now. Bounce came with a ball, bricks, hoops, and traps. The mechanic of the game was pretty simple – complete the rings that the ball has to pass through, and avoid the sharp objects that deducts your chance of finishing all the levels. Playing Bounce a million times gave you the chance to familiarize yourself with the ups and downs of the game, including the movements and surprises of the traps. You may not be good in basketball when you were young, but, hey! You were really good in Bounce!

  1. PAIRS

Before all other exercises could warm your brain up for a lot of memorization in high school, Nokia in the 90’s has already prepared you for it! Pairs had you remembering details in the right places a lot longer than you thought you could. It also allowed you to develop your memorization skills without even trying. Nerd? Nah, you were a genius!


You cannot forget this most thrilling feature of Nokia in the 90’s! Yes, we had a Nokia ringtone composer! You tried to be the most badass DJ mixer with all the “16d2” “2c2” “4e2” kind of notes. You found your favorite song? Good, then it’s time for you to figure it out on your outstanding device!

Who said Nokia phones aren’t as good as smart phones? Tell that to the 90’s kids!