by Gannon Burgett | shared from From the looks of a recent rumor over on Canon Rumors, we might soon see a Canon branded smartphone. While there’s no information on what cell phone manufacturer they’re working with, it’s safe to say with Canon entering the market, this device may become the smartphone camera to beat. What is that, you say? Look at the calendar? Oh… Well, that would explain this monstrosity. It looks like someone got an early start on the April Fools jokes. However, if you’re still hoping this is a reality, here are some more imaginary specs for you, provided to Canon Rumors by a tipster:

  • Android KitKat 4.4
  • 8-core 64bit Snapdragon 615 with 8 ARM Cortex A53 inside
  • 8Gb RAM
  • 64Gb memory
  • CPS, Bluetooth and WiFi.

And some additional specs for the double lens camera that this most epic of smartphones boasts:

  • First camera: 1-inch sensor 12.2×8.8mm 20MP (Sony?) 35mm equivalent lens
  • Second camera: 1/1.7-inch sensor 10MP with 3x Liquid Zoom Lens, which has liquid optical elements that change zoom range by piezoelectricity.

This one came early, but be sure to check back tomorrow for our annual April Fools Roundup. We’ll fish out the juiciest, most creative, most believable and most unbelievable of the photo-related April 1st offerings and bring all of them to you in one place.