Abante Babae - Gogagah

Gogagah | Abante, Babae!’: Empowering Working Filipinas for an Empowered Labor Sector | The JPES educational discussion “Abante, Babae!’: Empowering Working Filipinas for an Empowered Labor Sector” aims to shed light on the gender differences that exist within the Philippine labor market and how they impact the experiences of Filipina workers. It will also explore the challenges that Filipina migrant workers face as part of the vulnerable sector.


The event seeks to empower working Filipinas by highlighting their contributions to the economy and advocating for policies that promote gender equality and uplift the labor sector. Through this discussion, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the issues affecting working Filipinas and be inspired to act towards a more inclusive and empowering labor environment. Join us in this important conversation as we work towards building a brighter future for women in economics and beyond. Be part of the discussion, register here https://bit.ly/JPESAbanteBabaeRegForm