Affordable Saddle Pads For Sale That Are Perfect For Any Horse  | Affordable Saddle Pads For Sale That Are Perfect For Any Horse | People are easily confused when it comes to buying saddle pads for their horses. It is available in different colours and styles. People should consider the saddle pads that offer comfort to their horses. There are a variety of saddle pads for sale available today and people are attracted to them because of the costs and choices they offer. 

The Perfect One:

Below are some of the things that should be considered before choosing the right saddle pads for their horse.

  • The style of riding the horse.
  • The purpose of the pad.
  • The shape of the horse.
  • The design, colour, material and patterns.
  • The weather during which the saddle will be used for riding.
  • Selecting the pad according to the saddle type.
  • Saddle pads for sale should be such that it will fit in your budget.
  • If people own English saddles, they will have to choose saddle pads specially made for English saddles.
  • People will have to choose a bigger saddle pad if they own a western saddle.
  • The amount of money that they are willing to spend on pads.
  • It’s very important to measure the saddle that they will be using. 
  • There are many saddle pads for sale that offer maximum protection for the horse.

The Material:

People should check the quality of the saddle pads and the comfort level it offers to their horse. The saddle pads for sale consists of different materials, some of them are:

  1. Cotton  

It is used widely with English saddles and is comparatively a cooler material. It does not absorb moisture though. The fabric makes it easy to wash. All you have to do is to put it in the washing machine. It also keeps the underside of the saddle safe.

2. Felt 

It’s used widely with western saddles. It absorbs shock which is why t is popular among riders. It’s made of several layers of wood that are compressed together. Due to this, moisture is absorbed well from the horse’s back and it doesn’t hold the heat in it, making it cooler when the felt gets heated up. Another benefit that it provides is it decreases the pressure that could get collected due to the poor fitting of saddles.

3. Synthetic fleece 

It’s commonly used and lasts longer than the rest. It comes at affordable prices.

4. Fleece 

It’s made of either wool or sheep fleece and absorbs more than synthetic fleece. It’s affordable and needs proper care.

5. Foam 

It absorbs shock and moulds itself around the horse’s shape. It is cooler than felt or fleece and offers good airflow, along with distributing the weight very well.

6. Neoprene 

It is waterproof and maintaining it is easier. It provides cool airflow to the back of the horse as it consists of a moulded waffle pattern. Due to its stickiness, there is minimal movement of the saddle. Though some are using fabric covers to prevent stickiness.

The saddle pads for sale come in various shapes, such as:

  • Built-Up and Cut out – Made for horses who have high withers. 
  • Contour – Made for horses with a swayed back or high withers.
  • Round – Made for horses who have short backs.
  • Straight – Made for horses with a flat back or have mutton withers.
  • Sway Back – Made for horses with high withers or a swayed back

Saddle pads for sale offer saddle pads that can fit every horse’s need and requirement. People should research well to find the perfect saddle pad for their horses. The saddle pad should make their horse happy and let the skin breathe. The right saddle will fit perfectly to the horse and will not cause much trouble. People should invest in high-quality saddle pads to have a smooth journey with their horses.