Ann Gabriel | GoGaGaH

Android’s new version, dubbed as Nougat will soon give business users a jumpstart, as this new version makes multitasking easier with its new split-screen feature. It’s new security features, improved messaging functionality and an extended battery life for the smartphones or tablets will be enough reasons for you to upgrade or buy a new Android phone that uses the new operating system.

Initially the update will happen to selected Android devices — specifically, the Nexus 6P, Nexus 6 and Nexus 5X — as early as last week. Other phone manufacturers have not yet announced if their devices will sport the new Android operating system.

The addition of the split-screen mode feature will enable users to run two apps side by side at the same time. The new ability will be best when referencing your calendar or using the calculator app while composing checking or replying to an email. The feature has been available on Samsung phones and tablets for years, but the launch of Nougat marks the first time you’ll see it on other Android devices.

If your current phone’s limited screen size feels too cramped for split-screen mode, you might appreciate the new Quick Switch functionality. With a double tap on the Recent Apps button, the phone will quickly switch back and forth between the two most recently accessed applications, working exactly like the Alt + Tab shortcut on PCs.

Google is still working on improving encryption. Nougat will be the first version of Android that encrypts your system at the level of individual files — a measure that will help ensure that your private work data stays private.

The new operating system is ransomware-proof, a feature that prevents malicious software from stealing your password and locking you out of your device. The Android 7 platform can block software from clearing already-set passwords, thus keeping you in control.

The Android Nougat will make it quicker and easier than ever to reply to a text message. The new operating system allows users to reply to texts immediately from the notification tray. The new feature saves you time and helps you stay on top of business conversations.

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