Android Vs IOS

Android Vs IOS: Which should I use? | Gogagah | Depending on whom you ask, the question on which operating system is the better choice between android or iOS is likely to generate a variety of opinions. At its core, each of these mobile operating systems has its pros and cons as well as features which each customer may find more pleasant and more attractive than the other. It is tricky to outrightly declare one is better than the other, hence the best way to settle the debate is to do a comparison of the two operating systems i.e. their similarities and differences. This will help furnish each individual with the requisite knowledge to determine which one is best for them between the two. 

Android Vs IOS

Similarities of iOS and Android


Both iOS and Android are loaded with similar functionalities such as calling, web browsing, messaging, app store, voice commands, video chat, maps, virtual assistant, etc.  

Network Compatibility

Both operating systems are 4G compliant which implies that they are suitable for browsing. They are capable of surfing the net and synchronizing with apps such as social media applications that rely on internet connectivity. Whenever the 5G network becomes fully operational, both operating systems are likely to be compliant with it. 

Information Display

Both operating systems are designed in such a way to display certain important features of the phone on the top screen. For instance, such information as battery life, app notifications, and time may be cited on the screen for easy accessibility. The benefit of the information display is that it aids quick access to information and could also serve as shortcuts to the other icons on the phone. 

User Interface

The two operating systems have a similar user interface that shares similar features. For instance, both of the operating systems support touch screen features. This implies that the user may swipe, tap or zoom on texts and images on the screen. 

Differences iOS and Android

Closed and Open Source systems

iOS operates a closed source system as the operating system is solely produced by a company, Apple Inc and the system is limited to the mobile phone products of the company. The technology is not shared with others. On the other hand, the android operating system is a product of Google but the software can be used by mobile phone manufacturers. As a result of the open-source nature of Android, users have a lot more permission to customize their phones much more than iOS users. 

Cheaper phones

Due to the open nature of Android, mobile telecommunication companies can tweak the phone and produce products cutting across different price ranges. Hence, android users have more options to choose from and they can also make these choices based on their budget. 

Running Speed

Android tends to lag faster than iOS and as a result of this, iOS may be said to be the more durable and reliable of the two operating systems.  

App store

The app store for iOS is the Apple app store while that of android is known as Google Play. The android app store is more diverse than that of iOS as it contains more apps than the latter. 

Final Verdict

Android is a more popular operating system than iOS based on the open-source nature of Android which allows its operating system to be tweaked and optimized by different phone manufacturers. It offers a more diverse market for users across different socioeconomic classes. The implication of this is that if you opt for iOS you can just head to the nearest Apple store and make your purchase or you could simply order for it online. On the other hand, if you opt for android, you will have to browse through the plethora of android phone manufacturers, check the variety of phones available and then make your choice. iOS possesses a more compact integration than android and this is why Apple products do not require extensive RAM like android to function efficiently. Moreover, the closed ecosystem of Apple makes it a safer option as it will be easier for them to monitor the integrity of the apps available on their platform compared with android which is open source. Also, there are so many android phone manufacturers and it may be difficult to exactly ascertain the competence of the devices produced by these companies. Hence it will be good to check the customer reviews of the brand before purchasing their product.  Ultimately, the spec you want is what determines which of the two is the better choice for you.