Mixed Martial Arts

Mitzi Ilagan | Gogagah

Calling all mixed martial arts fans and enthusiasts! The Academy Fighting Corporation (AFC), Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) and ABS-CBN Sports + Action bring together the real fight behind every athlete’s story. The Fight Farm, the first ever sport documentary reality amateur MMA fight series to be aired on national TV will feature some of the country’s best amateur fighters and their journey as they compete to become the grand champion.

The Fight Farm, as part of ABS-CBN Sports + Action’s advocacy to promote the sport and to tell each fighters’ story, would let the viewers know and see how the 16 MMA fighters struggle outside the cage, with their dreams helping their family, showing support to their sport and winning the title.

The Academy Fighting Championship (AFC), headed by founder Ron Catunao, is the country’s leading amateur mixed martial arts league, and has been the training ground and gateway of professional MMA fights. Started from 6 six teams, the league grew to 40 participating teams including foreign fighters from Japan, Brunei, Africa, the US and Europe as they breed young fighters to become a professional in their field. Through their partnership with URCC, the country’s premiere professional MMA promotion, they have become the official grassroot program, which led to the increase in number of talented MMA fighters.

Kiko Matos, who has been over the news the past weeks for his MMA fight against Baron Geisler, is a supporter of the said series. “Hindi ako lalaban sa kahit na sino sa kanila. They are not just fighters in the ring. They are fighters in real life. This is the story of Filipino fighters“, he mentioned. He shared that during his preparation for the fight, he, just like these fighters, just have to fight no matter what, because there are no rooms for excuses and complaints and that they just have to endure the pain. With great expectations from the fighters and their performances, he equally said that this series would show the genuine side of fighting, the story from where they have been and what they are going through to achieve their dream.

The series will be hosted by Prof. Alvin Aguilar and Ron Catunao. The documentary would show the different and diverse stories of the fighters, how they started, why they chose to fight and how it is changing their lives. It will showcase their hard work and determination as they undergo trainings to become world-class fighters.

For more information, visit http://facebook.com/academyfightingchampionship