Sunday, January 26, 2020
gaming headphones

An Ultimate Guide for Buying Gaming Headphones

This is the era of multiplayer games and the increasing number of appealing games are inviting more and more players to join the gaming platform at a rapid rate. High performance...
Lunox Gogagah

Mobile Legends New Hero: Lunox, The Enlightened One

This coming 1st week of September, Mobile Legends releases patch 1.3.07 with a new hero! Let’s welcome in the Land of Dawn, “Lunox : The Enlightened One”. Lunox has four active skills...
animated children's book

3 Reasons to Choose Animated Children’s Book for Your Kids

"Watching" an animated children's book has become a part of kids' lifestyle nowadays. Reading bedtime stories no longer lulls a child to sleep but the voices of different characters on animated...
gopro hero5

Why GoPro Stopped Selling Hero5 on Amazon

Ann Gabriel | GoGaGaH Did you know that you can’t buy the GoPro Hero5 or Hero5 Session from Amazon anymore? It's not because they simply ran out of stocks. Rumors are going around...

The Last of the Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Ann Gabriel | GoGaGaH Pokemon Trainers in the Philippines, rejoice! Now that Pokemon Go has finally been released here in the Philippines, a lot of Philippine Pokemon Trainers (of different ages) have been...

HACKED! Pokemon Go Suddenly Goes Down

Ann Gabriel | GoGaGaH Millions of Pokemon Go Gamers were in for a surprise when they suddenly can not log-in to the game. Pokemon Go Gamers attempted several times to get in...
Nissan GTA Season 2

GTA Season 2 opens its door to aspiring racers

Irene Tria | Gogagah Good news to all aspiring GT racers because Nissan Philippines Inc., (NPI) is once again opening its door to Filipino gamers as they formally launch the second season...

Pokemon Go Girl Catches Something Else

Ann Gabriel | GoGaGaH A 19 year old girl named Shayla Wiggins from Riverton, Wyoming was out for a Pokémon GO adventure and was trying to catch 'em all when she found...
Google Translate now works on any app using your Android smartphone.

Google Translate now works on any app using your Android smartphone

By Shin Jara @iamshinonymous Whenever we travel from one place to another, we’ll encounter a very challenging scenario where we cannot understand what the sign says. It’s very hard to get directions. Whenever...