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Best Projectors

The Best Projectors for Under $100 and $200

While we all know that cheap usually equates to poor quality, there are a few options on the market for a quality best projector under 100 and $200 marks. Because we are those kind...
Thinkpads - Gogagah

Lenovo Accelerates Business-Wide Digital Transformation with 9th Gen platform ThinkPads, ThinkVision Displays

To continuously provide the Philippine workforce with the enhanced agility and performance required in the modern workspace, global technology leader Lenovo is releasing the newest 9th generation platform ThinkPads with upgrades on portability, enterprise-level...
Best Oppo Phones Under 15000

Best Oppo Phones Under 15000 – Best 6 Models to Choose From | In recent years, there has been a sea of Chinese brands making their grand entries in the Indian market by launching smartphones with incredible features at lower prices. It has led to users...
TISSOT MECHANICAL watch movements - Gogagah

The Types of Watch Movements |  Watches can be classified in many ways. It could be according to the complications such as chronographs or moon phases, watch faces being analog, digital, or hybrid, functionality such as waterproofing, the size,...
iphone games

10 Best Games for iPhone | Games have been delighting the human mind since ages and they always been a subject of interest for every age groups. Modes of games have changed over the years and now we have...
Using Public Wi-Fi

Using Public Wi-Fi: 8 Dos and Don’ts for Your Safety

Are you always on a hunt for free Wi-Fi? With many establishments offering it for free, it’s hard not to accept and want the offer. However, even if free Wi-Fi can make your life...

Top Alternatives To OVguide For Watching Movies And TV Shows

Most people like to watch their favourite movies and TV shows in real HD. One of the most preferred online video portal is the OVGuide and it is easier to find all kinds of...
Devant Quantum UHD TV

Homegrown Electronics Manufacturer Devant launches Quantum UHD TV

Buying a new TV set these days can be so daunting with all the newest features, smart functions, and terrific picture quality they offer plus a lot more. But no worries as Devant introduces...
Wedding Technology

8 Wedding Technology Trends Straight From the Future

Just like the fashion industry, the wedding industry is ruled by trends. Today technology plays a significant role in defining and executing these trends. Wedding planners and enthusiasts have always found a way of...

Check Out Some Amazing Laptops under Rs40000

From students to office goers, laptops have become a necessity. This indeed is a boon for the generation like us as we can do our day-to-day tasks with ease. If you are looking to...
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