DC Comics diversifies further with its new and old titles this June.

by Rey Beltran, GoGaGaH|

Continuing where we left off, DC Comics will launch new titles after Convergence as enumerated last time. These titles will take over cancelled books and hopefully will bring to fore beloved characters from the pre-New 52 universe. But that remains to be seen.

As for what’s happening after Convergence? Divergence. No kidding. Check it out at your favorite comic book shop on May 2 as a free DC Comicbook to celebrate FCBD.

New 52 Universe is still alive and kicking in the following ongoing comicbooks:

Action Comics by writer Greg Pak & artist Aaron Kuder
Aquaman by writer Cullen Bunn & artist Trevor McCarthy
Batgirl by writers Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher & artist Babs Tarr
Batman by writer Scott Snyder & artist Greg Capullo
Detective Comics by writers Francis Manapul, Brian Buccelato & artist Francis Manapul
Batman/Superman by writer Greg Pak & artist Ardian Syaf
Catwoman by writer Genevieve Valentine & artist David Messina
Deathstroke by writer Tony Daniel & artist Tony Daniel
Flash by writers Rob Venditti, Van Jensen & artist Brett Booth
Gotham Academy by writers Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher & artist Karl Kerschl
Gotham By Midnight by writer Ray Fawkes & artist Juan Ferreyra
Grayson by writers Tim King, Tim Seeley & artist Mikel Janin
Green Arrow by writer Ben Percy & artist Richard Zircher
Green Lantern by writer Robert Venditti & artist Billy Tan
Harley Quinn by writers Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti & artist Chad Hardin
Justice League by writer Geoff Johns & artist Jason Fabok
Justice League United by writer TBD & artists Travel Foreman, Paul Pelletier
Lobo by writer Cullen Bunn & artist Cliff Richards
Secret Six by writer Gail Simone & artist Dale Eaglesham
Sinestro by writer Cullen Bunn & artist Brad Walker
New Suicide Squad by writer Sean Ryan & artist Carlos D’Anda
Superman by writer Gene Luen Yang & artist John Romita, Jr.
Superman/Wonder Woman by writer Peter Tomasi & artist Doug Mahnke
Teen Titans by writer Will Pfeifer & artist Kenneth Rodafort
Wonder Woman by writer Meridith Finch & artist David Finch

These books will still continue with their current storylines, and the best stories will be “canon” according to one interview with Jim Lee, Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment. Sounds foreboding, but hey, newbies in comic books will be in for a treat to see how DC classic superheroes like the the Big 7 in Justice League have become in tune with the times.

to be continued…