Check out the new Batman, after the dust settles in the DCU.

by Rey Beltran, GoGaGaH |

Concluding our 3-part breakdown on what’s doing on at DC Comics comicbooks, are observations worthy to mention.


A black writer is writing a black character. David L. Walker writes Cyborg in the character’s first solo series. Ever since Cyborg became part of the New 52 Justice League as one of its founding members, DC Comics seems determined to make him a major player instead of just a member of the pre-New 52 Teen Titans. Besides, a movie is in the pipeline for Cyborg come 2020.

If Tim Drake got his solo title as Robin in the pre-New 52, why not Batman’s own son, Damian Wayne, have it, too? Yes, you read that right! Damian gets his solo in Robin, Son of Batman.

And if that’s not enough, a slew of Robins will have their own book, We Are Robin. Looks like there will be multiple Robins in this one.

Seems like there’s hope for Justice Society of America because a new comic book, Earth 2: Society, also debuts this June. We all know how different the New 52 Alan Scott is. Let’s see if this new book will bring back the old JSA.

Also, Midnighter becomes the first gay male character to have a self-titled ongoing series to be written by Steve Orlando.

Garth Ennis and John McCrea write Section Eight, the same team behind the hit comic book, Hitman.

Continuing from Justice League Dark is Dark Universe. In preparation perhaps for the rumored Dark Universe movie being helmed by Guillermo del Toro.

Green Lantern Corps continues in Green Lantern: Lost Army.

Red Hood and the Outlaws continues in Red Hood/Arsenal.

Starfire gets her own solo plus more clothing!

DC Comics’ Stats after Convergence

17 titles will feature a Batman-related character.

9 creators are females: 5 writers, 3 artists, with Ming Doyle doing both art and writing on two books.

Green Lantern titles trim it down from 6 books in 2014 to 3 books.

Cullen Bunn is writing 4 books, 2 of which are from Green Lantern franchise. He is doing Lobo, and he replaces Jeff Parker in Aquaman.

Ben Percy, an American novelist, debuts in Green Arrow, taking over from Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski. Heath Corson, writer of DC Animated movies, takes on the six-issue Bizzaro mini-series.

Geoff Johns leaves Superman to focus on Justice League. Replacing him is Gene Luen Yang. John Romita, Jr. is still on art chores.

Let’s see how these books will fare before the year ends.