Wordtext Systems, Inc. (WSI) launched Autodesk’s latest contribution to Philippine technology with Game On: Expanding the Philippine Game Development Industry.

The event also featured Mr. Matt Dewees, Regional Head of Media & Entertainment for Southeast Asia as well as Mr. Siddhart Bulorker, Senior Technical Specialist for ASEAN Region, who highlighted the product strengths and solutions.

Partnering with Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), Autodesk introduced the concept of “The Future of Making Things” which discussed how their technology and the gaming industry converge into producing the future of innovation, especially in the Philippine market which is still finding its footing in competing with the global market of gaming. They aim to help expand and strengthen the development of both industries.

Autodesk introduced the Media & Entertainment (M&E) Collection, which consists of the Maya and 3DS Max, to further achieve this goal. With the M&E Collection, the gaming industry can grow into its full potential with features that rival AAA game makers and high-quality Hollywood studios.

From initial concept and drafting up to 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering, the Autodesk Maya delivers top standard creative toolset for its users. On the other hand, 3DS Max has the power to bring to life design data with its immersive visualization tools. Together, they can transform the gaming industry with first-class quality tools and technology.

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