Baguio - Gogagah

A special day in Baguio as they unveiled their newest Christmas tree right at the rotunda above Session Road. Simple but festive, what makes these trees even more special is that all the materials used were recycled.

Reminiscent of classic wooden toys, Netizens were also quick to compare Baguio’s trio of trees with the iconic Royal Pine air freshener, joking that Baguio must now have a fresher ambiance and a better scent.

This year’s tree wasn’t a hit, but it luckily wasn’t a total blunder either as Netizens gave out a sigh of relief as past trees that didn’t quite make the cut were burned by some anonymous Baguio resident critics as a way to express their dismay with the town’s decorations.

Just last year, Tinatik–from tina meaning “dye”, and tiktik meaning “tattoo”–Artist, Maela Jose’s signature tinatik tree design drew some residents’ ire which led those who could not grasp her vision to burn it. After being partially burned, Maela Jose’s tree has since been displayed on the ceiling of Baguio’s Diplomat Hotel.

Similar to Burnham Park’s tree in 2017 that was set ablaze by an anonymous prankster who had a lot to say about the design, the tree composed of branches and twigs hammered together and painted white burned almost in an instant.

However, residents seem to love this year’s tree at Burnham Park, citing this as one of the city’s better tree designs. Also more engaging was the Christmas tableau at People’s Park, depicting small Cordillera houses and Christmas lights amidst graceful Cordillera dancers.

But while the Christmas trees at the Upper Session Road rotunda have either gained the love or hate of its residents, one can honestly say that the spirit of Christmas lives on year by year, fighting to be loved by its residents, in the hope that this year, no one burns any of the decors down.

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