Gym Workouts

GOGAGAH.COMBest Fitness Equipment for Gym Workouts | Working out at the gym can be quite the mission, because many of us need extra courage and motivation just to go there and be surrounded by so many people – all of which seem to be in better shape than us. At some point, you just have to push yourself to go through that wall and accept that you’re there for yourself, and that others don’t really care about what you look like – but until then, there are things you can do to make yourself more comfortable: one of which is having the right equipment for the job.

Proper footwear

Don’t you even dare try to go barefoot in the gym, and even less – with your outdoor sneakers. Keep in mind that this is a space that a lot of people use, which means that on one hand, you want to leave it clean behind you. On the other hand, you want to protect yourself in case someone else didn’t leave it as clean. Get some nice, comfortable shoes that fit the kind of workout you’re doing: if you’re spending time on the treadmill – go for running shoes that give your feet extra support, if you’re doing yoga and stretching, go more towards ballet slippers (though some yoga rooms will require you to be barefoot).

Good underwear

You want everything to be held in place and no wires jabbing you in the sides every time you do a jumping jack. If you invest in good, supportive sports bras and comfortable, breathable panties you will have a much better experience in the gym. You’ll be able to relax and just focus on your workout with no worries over whether something is showing, bouncing around or bulging.

The right shirt

This all comes down to personal preference, but you’ll want to have different styles to choose from. A large, oversized T-shirt is basically good for absolutely nothing, because it does nothing for the way you look and prevents you from seeing the figure and pose of your body, which is often crucial for good exercise. Something like a good sports crop top will give you more coverage than just wearing a sports bra, but will still allow you to see your shape. You can also experiment with different cut-outs and shapes until you find something that you are truly comfortable in.


No matter what you’re doing in the gym, a pair of leggings (even if it’s cropped) will always be better than shorts. If you’re running, it will allow for seamless moving without your thighs chafing, if you’re on a bike – you’re not rubbing your butt all over the seat – and if you’re doing anything else, you don’t have to worry about whether something is showing that shouldn’t be. Get ones made from a smart material that will regulate your body temperature, but also make sure they are not see-through.

Get the hair out of the way

Everyone has their own way of dealing with long hair that gets in their face. For some, that’s tying it up into a high ponytail, for others it’s a bun and for some it’s just getting a big hair clamp and stuffing as much hair in it as they can gather. If you are doing any exercise that requires you to lay down or lean your back against something, make sure that the hairdo isn’t preventing you from laying your head flat. Flyaways can be annoying, so something like a sweatband will fix that better than bobby pins.

Whatever you wear, do it with confidence and grace and you will feel much better instantly. Clothing isn’t the reason you’re going to the gym, but it can be the way you make yourself go, so give it a try.