blackberry z3 a blockbuster in indonesia

Blackberry Z3 Sells Out on First Day in Indonesia

by Ronen Halevy |

It looks like BlackBerry is off to a strong start in Indonesia with the BlackBerry Z3. Eric Lai over at the official BlackBerry Blog noted that the device has sold out in its first day of availability in the Indonesian capital. They even got us some shots of the main launch event at the Central Park Mall in Jakarta with the queue to get in.

Lai went on to say that:

“According to my Asian colleagues, first-day sales of the Z3 were several times stronger than for our other recent BlackBerry 10 handsets. Feedback from our retail and distribution partners indicates that sales will likely continue to be strong throughout the weekend.

“I am still cautiously optimistic but if BlackBerry can keep this momentum going they could start growing back market share in emerging markets.”