website designs | If you don’t have any clear website designs in mind the task of coming up with an inspirational design can be challenging and frustrating.

There is an interesting change of how we are now creating our websites, web developers and their clients are moving towards a minimalistic style that in some regards could be considered a retro step back in time.

However, the website design should be developed around your product and the demographic you’re targeting.

I understand some products and services are not inspirational, it’s just a fact of life, products like oil filters and services such as garbage removal are just not sexy and inspiring. But, this does not stop you from making an inspirational website. On the contrary, it makes the challenge more fun and an innovative process.

Making your website stand out from the crowd does present certain challenges, making bold statements in a subtle way is the way forward so as not to alienate any potential clientele.

Inspirational websites

Let’s discuss some interesting and inspirational websites from the point of the website owner. I would first direct you to Falve.

Favle is an online clothes site with a clean and bold statement that hits you when you look at the landing page. However, the message is subtle as you are presented with an image of high-quality clothing and a simple message “Handcrafted Menswear.” It’s simple,  clean, and makes a bold statement about the company.

Emulating this message to your own webpage design would be a piece of mastery if it can be pulled off.

GC Watches

A beautifully presented website that oozes quality, style and opulence and this is the feeling taken just from a glance. The website is inviting even if you are not in the market for a watch!

It’s not an intricate design it is clean and purveys a message instantly to anyone who sees the website.

Messages are conveyed in a simple but powerful and emotional way, and most high-end purchases have a degree of emotion associated with the purchase.


This is an intriguing website, it’s definetley clean and bold but the subject matter is monotone. The truth is it’s a very clever piece of web design.

The use of the city landscape and looking to the towering buildings against a backdrop of a gray sky to find the business name and contents menu is a stroke of genius.

Professional website developers are more than tech and IT men and women, they are artists and innovators who can create stunning images that attract traffic and hopefully revenue.


Another minimalistic website with the image of a domestic cat sitting with a scarf around its neck! It made me smile and look closer to what the website was all about, and that’s what this simple design is all about, it draws you in for a closer look.

The website presents minimal text with shop now in cursive writing to take you to the sales items. It’s fun, it’s engaging and is bold and avant-garde in its design.

Final thoughts

I can hear what some of you are thinking! I know clean and bold is a subjective statement and it means so many things to different people. But the truth is inspiration comes from many places and what you will need to achieve with your website design is to inspire others.

Minimalistic clean bold websites are a hit with potential customers and generate more traffic than conventional style webpages.

It’s a style that will be in vogue for a very long time so enjoy the fun, be innovative and creative, it could make you financially wealthy!