Saturday, July 20, 2019



  • Thinkpads - Gogagah

    Lenovo Accelerates Business-Wide Digital Transformation with 9th Gen platform ThinkPads, ThinkVision Displays

    To continuously provide the Philippine workforce with the enhanced agility and performance required in the modern workspace, global technology leader Lenovo is releasing the newest 9th generation platform ThinkPads with upgrades on portability, enterprise-level security, and power. “Technology has made it possible for the workforce to conduct business anywhere, anytime. To help organizations achieve maximum […]
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  • Best Oppo Phones Under 15000

    Best Oppo Phones Under 15000 – Best 6 Models to Choose From | In recent years, there has been a sea of Chinese brands making their grand entries in the Indian market by launching smartphones with incredible features at lower prices. It has led to users in India opting for smartphones from such brands.  Out of so many such emerging Chinese brands, Oppo is a company that […]
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  • TISSOT MECHANICAL watch movements - Gogagah

    The Types of Watch Movements |  Watches can be classified in many ways. It could be according to the complications such as chronographs or moon phases, watch faces being analog, digital, or hybrid, functionality such as waterproofing, the size, etc. This article will focus on one-way watches are categorized: movement.  Watch movements, or calibers, are the mechanisms that power watches […]
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  • Power Mac Center - Gogagah

    Power Mac Center Spotlights Tech and PH Culture in 25th Anniversary Celebration

    Twenty-five years ago, the founders of Power Mac Center took a leap of faith and put everything on Apple, then a rising foreign brand, by opening the first-ever retail store in the country that offers its technology. From being a humble Apple retailer, service excellence and professionalism pushed PMC to become a catalyst for the […]
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  • iphone games

    10 Best Games for iPhone | Games have been delighting the human mind since ages and they always been a subject of interest for every age groups. Modes of games have changed over the years and now we have a lot of options to play with. The best thing about the games is they have an attractive theme and characters. […]
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  • Wedding Technology

    8 Wedding Technology Trends Straight From the Future

    Just like the fashion industry, the wedding industry is ruled by trends. Today technology plays a significant role in defining and executing these trends. Wedding planners and enthusiasts have always found a way of adding the latest technology to make weddings even more enjoyable and beautiful. Some of the most iconic wedding technology trends which […]
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  • New York City - Gogagah

    New York City as Seen on Screen

    Whether it’s an unplanned holiday trip, an epic clash to save the world, friends experiencing daily life in the five boroughs or anything in between, storytellers in film and television have long chosen New York City as their setting. No matter your favorite genre, a trip to NYC is an opportunity to see where some […]
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  • Alternatives to Netflix

    7 Best Alternatives to Netflix

    Gogagah | Nobody would ever have thought it would be as big as it is today when Netflix was founded in 1997. His constantly growing catalog of films and TV shows from around the world has something for everyone. It serves over 137 million subscribers from horror to romanticism. These numbers will only increase with […]
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  • React Native Apps

    8 Templates to Fuel up All React Native Apps in 2019 | “The world had never been more powerful with technology” as we move ahead into time, this phrase sounds nothing like a Hailey’s Comet. It is as if people have just presumed they have been living with the Internet, smartphones, tablets, and other innovations for thousands of years. Right now, the one thing people yearning towards […]
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