Camy Francisco-Cabral

Camy Francisco-Cabral, an artist, and illustrator based in Manila, recently launched her first solo art exhibit titled, “Portals” in Pablo Gallery, BGC. Cabral has been into design and advertising for the past 11 years and is now a full-time artist.

The exhibit features 4 series of each of the artist’s depiction of her state of mind. The series is as follows:


A series depicting the artist’s struggle in maintaining a sense of loyalty and dedication to her craft.

Animal Spirit

A series composed of different animal spirits gently reminding us of our connectivity to their energy manifested by their symbolic value.

Center of the Sun

The shortest series, the first “4” of the PORTALS overall.


Portal series in color. The artist’s first series in color.

Portals are defined as doors or gates which leads two locations, may it be physically, technologically, or magically. Likewise, the Portals artist define these as “doors that lead to memories and fleeting moments imprinted forever. Of joy, peace, and tranquility between the chaos. Of solitude from the noise and pressures of society.”

Cabral believes that each person has the capacity to create a world of his own which isn’t the same as anybody else’s, same as the artworks that she presents.

One could clearly notice the artist’s interest for patterns, shapes, and florals on the Portals pieces. Even the tiniest details are created with precise lines and curves that shows complex but clean visuals. Cabral’s inspirations are based on travels, books, and a passionate view of life.

Camy Francisco-Cabral

Camy Francisco-CabralOn tools, she primarily uses graphite, pens, inks, and most recently, paint. She illustrates on hot-pressed watercolor paper in various techniques of shadings and flourishes. While some of her works are of black, white, and grey color, she uses colors beyond these when relevant.

Camy Francisco-CabralCabral has joined local group exhibitions and has participated in collaborations with brands and events.

The Portals Exhibit by Camy Francisco-Cabral will run until July 21, 2018, at the Pablo Gallery, BGC, Taguig.