by Danielle Ryan |

Supergirl is coming together nicely for CBS. The series has just cast protagonist Kara’s sister and a prominent villain, and they have wrangled some great talent behind the scenes as well.

Chyler Leigh, a Grey’s Anatomy alumni, has been cast as Alexandra “Alex” Danvers, Kara’s foster sister and close friend. Kara’s powers instilled a fascination with science in Alex, which led her to becoming a doctor.

David Harewood, known for his role on Homeland, will play Hank Henshaw, a former CIA Agent who now runs the Department of Extra-Normal Operations. In the DC Comics universe, Henshaw eventually becomes Cyborg Superman.

The two actors join Melissa Benoist (Glee), Laura Benanti (Nashville), Calista Flockheart (Ally McBeal) and Mehcad Brooks (True Blood).

Benoist is playing the titular character and Benanti will be her Kryptonian mother. Flockheart is set to play Cat Grant, a media mogul, while Brooks will be an older version of Jimmy Olsen and a possible love interest for Kara.

As well as the cast additions, Andrew Kreisberg (Arrow) has joined the production team and will write and executive produce alongside fellow Arrow and Flashscribes/producers Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler.

Director Glen Winter, who has directed a number of episodes for both Berlanti-helmed series, will direct the pilot.

via Paste Magazine