Business Logo

Once you decide to start up a business, after making all the necessary strategies and other plans, now the first thing to do is to create a professional business logo to represent your brand and business and then you have to use it properly and strategically to create a greater possible impact. For small business with a low budget the task of attracting client is quite difficult. So placing the logo in all the right places where your business can fetch some potential customers is the key.

Here is a checklist of 9 places where you can use your logo

  • Websites and blogs

Along with the important elements like, brand pieces, tagline and company bio feature your logo in your company website and your own company blog page as well. Make sure to showcase your logo on top of each page. A horizontal logo works best for web layouts.

  • Business card

To be more professional make sure to create your own business card, a business card can be there and can be easily slipped into any communication with the customer. Do make sure to add your logo to the front alongside your other contact information.

  • Products and Packaging

Try to be creative in terms of presenting your products to enhance the customer experience and make it look more attractive. Exhibit your logo where there is a maximum chance of being seen. Try adding it to customised tissue paper, stickers and boxes, or in the merchandised brand T- shirts and Caps.

  • Signs and Banners

Feature your logo prominently on all branded signs and banners. Be it at a tradeshow, market or at a normal store. Make sure that customer do recognise your brand from afar.

  • Letters and emails

How often do you send an e-mail to your customers? Well, if not then start sending it now, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your brand. Always use a custom stationary with a logo letterhead. And make sure to include your logo in your email signature.

  • Social media profiles

You surely do have a social media presence to expand your business reachability and every time when you post a content or update anything in your profile, followers and other audiences get to see your logo in their feed. So, make sure to add it on your every social media account be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform.

  • Invoices and forms

Adding your logo in your invoice or in the sign up forms that you distribute on regular basis will increase your brand logo exposure.

  • Promotional merchandise

Try out different new and creative ideas to present your logo in front of your customers. Print logo on items like pen, mugs, totes and lanyards and then distribute it among your customers it do ensure  some greater number of reachability and gives your logo and brand a great exposure.

  • Business vehicle

Branded vehicles are a combination of color, graphics and motion. A card or truck exhibiting your logo can considered to be a moving billboard for your brand and can be a good marketing strategy as well.

Though a brand is a lot more than a logo but the audience do emphasize on these tiny symbols more than any other elements and they connect with them more easily. So, make sure that your Logo is serving the purpose and not just filling up the space. And for a small business these things can be a game changer and a logo can be considered to be the most important element for marketing, promoting and representing your brand in the global platform. The struggle for a small business to be recognised and be established completely is quite tough but if one choose to take care of these small little elements and crafting a unique and professional business logo can be a most important first step towards success. Make sure that your business logo is convincing and appealing enough and do skilfully convey the purpose of your brand.