Ideal Wedding Venue

Many brides have their dream wedding planned out to the smallest details long before they’re even engaged. However, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make during this time is choosing a wedding venue. It can be such a hard thing to pick a location for the ceremony, one for the reception, a place for guests to stay… So why not have it all at the same place? Chick boutique hotels could fill all your needs with one space, and here is how.

They have experience

Hotels might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about wedding venues, but you’d be surprised how many weddings are held in hotels. They already have a plan in place for the reception and ceremony spots, the catering, and you know they are equipped to handle a lot of people at once. They also have connections to florists, chefs, wedding coordinators, DJs and everyone else you might need to put together your dream wedding. Of course, you can still customize the space and atmosphere to make your wedding unlike any other, but you have the infrastructure in place to do that. You know that the grass is always trimmed perfectly, that there is someone in the kitchen and someone to clean up.

Easy destination wedding

If you’re planning a destination wedding, there’s double the work of just planning a wedding, because you need to find a place for all of your guests to stay. But if you look around, you can find the most amazing wedding venues in Sydney and all other popular wedding destinations that will be able to host all of your guests as well as be the place of your wedding. Not to mention, your guests will definitely appreciate a lower accommodation price, which you can often get if you book a lot of rooms at once. It’s also great because you’ll have your base in one place, so you’ll have more free time since you won’t have to run to your venue and back multiple times per day. If you find a smaller hotel, you can book the entire place for yourself, so that there’s nobody there but your closest ones.

A place to prepare and focus

Sometimes, the most nerve wracking part of the entire wedding is getting ready and getting to your venue in time. Here, you won’t have to worry one bit. You will get ready in your beautiful suit on one floor and then just take a few steps down to the venue. This way you can take your time, order some room service to snack on while you get ready and take your time. Your bridesmaids will be right there with you, spending the night in the next room and definitely on time. If you ever need a breather during the reception to collect yourself, your room is right there and you don’t have to look for an empty closet to hide away.

Enjoy the amenities

Invite your friends to have brunch with you the next day in the hotel, go swimming in the pool or chill out in the garden. You have access to so many amenities in a hotel that you could practically make it a wedding pool party if you wanted to. You’re basically making your wedding day and the days around it into a vacation to enjoy with ones you love. You will have a lot more time to relax and enjoy and a lot less planning to think about.

A hotel will bring along its history, and you will then become a part of it. You can find simply beautiful places full of heart and soul that you will feel right at home in, so use that and have the wedding of your dreams.