Location for Your Dream Wedding

Wedding planning can be a whole lot of fun and just as much stress. There are a million decisions to be made, and unless you know exactly what you want, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the options. And one of the biggest decisions that you have to make pretty early on is choosing a venue for your wedding. It’s a decision that is going to affect many things in the future, from your gown to your food choices, so you want to give the decision the attention it deserves. Here are some tips to help you choose:

Consider season and location

You probably have a certain season in mind, whether it’s a sweet spring wedding, summer on the beach, winter wonderland or romantic autumn. However, as you must know, seasons don’t look the same all over the world. While you might get beautiful burgundy autumn shades in Vermont, you’ll get nothing but liters upon liters of rain in London. So, if you are planning a wedding that will take place – at least partially – outdoors, you want to make sure you pick a season when good weather is expected, or plan to be prepared for weather tantrums with sail shades, tents and indoor options.

Pretty scenery

The word most commonly used to describe weddings is “beautiful”, and that’s exactly what you want yours to be. The more you can get the location and scenery to work with you, the less you need to worry about décor. Your best friend here is nature, and if you can find something with a view that stretches across a large space, like a waterfront restaurant in Sydney overlooking the horizon, or a vineyard with acres of land to fill the space, you’ll have a beautiful set no matter what. But you can also get that effect indoors, if you choose a place that has character – a castle, historic building, themed pub or any other place you love. Having a wedding at your favorite place will make it special in your heart because you probably already have a lot of fond memories from it, and you’ll feel very comfortable.

Budget and guest list

The first think you have to do, before even looking at any venues, is establish your budget. This is inseparably linked to the guest list, as more people will mean a bigger and more expensive venue for the occasion. You don’t want to take a place that will look empty even after your guests pile in, but you also don’t want the space to be cramped and your guests without air. You can either adapt your venue according to the guest list, or vice-versa, depending on what is more important to you. And you shouldn’t feel bad about shrinking your guest list to make sure everyone will comfortably pick into your dream venue. Huge weddings are overrated, anyways.

Be practical

You want your guests to remember the good parts about the wedding and to do that, you have to think about some things for them. Look for a venue that has plenty of outlets for charging phones after they empty from taking one too many photos, or one that can provide battery-powered charging stations. Check if there is enough parking space for all of your guests and whether the venue is wheelchair-accessible if any of your guests require that. If it’s summer, make sure you have air conditioning, and during winter, make sure it’s plenty warm.

Potential vs. a done deal

Depending on how much time and money you’re willing to invest in dressing up your venue, you can either look for a place that looks exactly like you want it the moment you walk in, or look for a place that has the potential to look the way you want with the right décor changes and improvisation. Sometimes it’s just impossible to find a venue that matches your vision exactly, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll be able to settle on a place that is as close as you’ll get.

No matter where you get married, you’ll surely have a great time, because it’s the one day where you are surrounded by your friends and family who are there with just one goal: to celebrate your love for your partner.