Christmas In Our Hearts

Ann Gabriel | GoGaGaH

One more week left until we begin to hear the euphonic voice of a Filipino Chinese singer songwriter being played in malls and over the radio. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this Filipino Chinese singer songwriter is no less than Mr. Jose Mari Chan.

When you hear his soothing and melodic songs being played over the radio and in the malls, that would officially signal the start of the Christmas season in the Philippines.

Christmas is celebrated the longest in the Philippines.

Filipinos are fond of listening to Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in Our Hearts” song. Since it’s release in 1990, Christmas in our Hearts has become the all time best selling album in the Philippines.

Jose Mari Chan shares his experiences when he wrote Christmas In Our Hearts and what inspired him.

He says that the idea actually came from his record producer. What inspired them to record Jose Mari Chan versions of Christmas songs and to write new ones was largely because of the success of his 1990 Constant Change album, where the songs Beautiful Girl and Please Be Careful With My Heart was part of.

Rina Caniza helped Jose Mari Chan in writing the song, and Chan’s daughter, Liza recorded it with him.

Chan calls his musical work as his “labor of love”. Although, he has already recorded a lot of popular songs, Chan found his niche in Christmas music. He launched his similarly successful second Christmas album, entitled Going Home To Christmas.

He is happy with his work, mainly because his songs are universal, and can be played over and over again whenever Christmas comes around.

When the “ber” months come in, Christmas will be felt everywhere in the country. The glittering Christmas lights in major thoroughfares, the decorations in shopping centers and malls, and the dancing lights in Ayala triangle will simply be reminders that Christ, our savior is coming.

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