Credit: Hitokirihoshi

MJ Gonzales│

Watching movies in theater houses is luxurious these days. Well apart from you can do movie marathon at home (hopefully the original copies), there are available films online that you can see possibly through your portable gadgets anywhere you go. So why exert effort, shell out extra money, and be a moviegoer?

Watching film is stress-buster –    Even if you do cinema-hopping (if this term or activity really exists) there’s no guarantee that your problems can be solve. However, breaking away from your usual routine or environment that causes stress can help you to cope, to think of possible solutions, and meditate for a while.

In the “Four Ways to Deal with Stress” post of the American Heart Association, they shared that ‘Walk away from the stressful situation, and say you’ll handle it later’ is an ‘emergency stress stoppers’ and finding pleasure such as watching movie brings good vibe.

Relate or Reawaken that lost feeling–   Do you miss something in the past that you couldn’t remember or do anymore? Often, moviegoers don’t go to theaters just to be critics, but to feel like someone else or to have fun with dramatic effect. Why? Watching a movie in the big screen can magnify your inner thoughts and feelings that perhaps you don’t experience for the longest time. See why romantic-comedy films of love teams are still trendy since nth time? Why fantasy films like Harry Potter was appealing not only for young ones, but also for adults?  One reason is whether in 3D or not, movies can take you to places you can’t imagine and let you experience you don’t usually feel.  When the last time you laugh out loud, giggle like a teenager or cry as if you’re the heroine?  Movie can even reawaken your thoughts about love or your childhood dreams, besides giving answers to your “what ifs”.

Be inspired enjoy one-of-a kind art – Arguably, we can find inspirations in various ways like reading novel, talking with painters or through travelling.  But there something about films that only those things can deliver.  If you don’t notice, a film is product of joining different art works of directors, actors, scriptwriters, production designers, musical scorers, makeup artists and others .

Thanks to screenwriters, perhaps you find inspiring quotes that can describe your love aspirations and career goals. Meantime, cinematographers may help to boost an unknown town’s tourism.

Teach you to learn with side perks.  Film showing in school probably stops long time ago if it’s not an effective learning tool.  Apart from adaptation of literary novels and epic films that feature heroes ( i.e. Heneral  Luna), there are fiction and non-fiction movies that  have moral lessons  for kids and adults. The challenge is to watch quality films that motivate you to feel and think better when you go outside of cinema.  In some ways, it’s up to moviegoers  what will trend.

 You give jobs and various support artists – We help different groups and organizations by giving donations.  With buying movie tickets, we provide more jobs and support filmmakers (mainstream or independent), artists, writers, musicians, cameramen, production assistants, and even extras. Remember also that filmmaking is not a mere job,  but passion so we also give joys to artists and their families.

With or without company, if I have chance and resources I definitely watch films in movie houses.  I admit it’s quite expensive and weird these days, especially if you choose to see unpopular movies.  I even experienced (twice in one day) that I am only one in the theater house watching a film. Creepy? Nah, it’s amazing! Just imagine you pay the entire cinema for a regular price.