Cool Outfits

Each body shape is unique, which means that each figure will require different pieces that will be able to properly accentuate all the assets while successfully concealing everything that you find less flattering. From rectangle, apple, hourglass, triangle, to inverted triangle and rectangle, you’ll need to know which one describes your silhouette best in order to know which clothes to invest in. If you’re not 100% sure, we can help you learn more about body shapes and the best clothes for each of them.


Bust, shoulders and hipline all of the same width, with little to no definition at a waistline are the main properties of a rectangle-shaped figure. To show off the best features of your silhouette, you should try to make the bust bigger and conceal the wide waistline. In order to do that, invest in colourful clothes with large prints, and mid-length tops and blouses with a deep scoop. Items with large buttons and big collars are the safest choices for rectangle figures. High-slit dresses will make your body look fabulous, as well as full circle skirts and pencil skirts. When shopping for bottoms, go with tapered leg jeans, straight cut and the ones flared down from the knees. Avoid thin belts, straight cut tops and horizontal prints.


If you have a full bust, wide shoulders, long thin arms and legs and a waistline that lacks definition, your figure is apple-shaped. Light-coloured clothes with vertical lines and V-necks that hit just below the hip bone will look the most flattering on you, making your top visually slimmer. Go for trapeze coats, that fall below the waist and don’t go lower than mid-thigh. Light dresses with high waistlines are the safest choice for apple-shaped figures. When it comes to bottoms, aim for bootcut, narrow-leg pants and high waistline jeans. One of the safest choices would definitely be Mavi high waisted jeans because they’ll accentuate your legs the most, making them appear visually longer. Avoid low-waistline trousers and items that are too tight, as well as clothes with large prints and too many embellishments. Straight cut skirts with a low or regular waistline, and pleated skirts will look fabulous on you.


Do you have a tiny midsection and a full bustline and hipline with the same width? If so, your body shape is hourglass also known as the sexiest of them all. You should try your best to accentuate every little curve of your figure, and the best way to do it is with a belted jumper, a combination of high waisted pencil skirts and cropped tops, a la Kim Kardashian, and wrap dresses with V-neckline. Wrap details will accentuate your narrow waistline allowing your curves to become instantly highlighted, making your figure as sexy as ever. Stay away from clothes made from thick fabrics, or the ones with checks and striped patterns. Baggy tops won’t look flattering on you either, so opt for fitted and tailored ones instead. Jeans made from stretch denim will look fabulous on you, as well as those with a flare cut, balancing out your silhouette.


A triangle-shaped figure is characterized by a narrow chest and a well-defined waistline. The bottom is all about full hips and thighs and it’s much larger than your bust, whereas your shoulders are rather narrow. In this case, you should look for tops that will visually emphasize and widen your shoulders, such as those featuring boat, square, sweetheart or V-neckline. Empire dresses will have the same effect, accentuating your waistline which will draw the attention away from your full hips and thighs. Make sure the tops and jackets hit above or below the widest point of your hips. Look for straight or bootcut bottoms, as well as A-line and fit-and-flare skirts. Avoid straight cut dresses and tops that are too high.

Inverted triangle

Hips narrower than shoulders, medium or large bust and a little bit or no waistline definition at all are the characteristics of an inverted triangle figure shape. Your goal should be to make the top part of your body visually smaller, and the best way to do it is with dark-coloured clothes. Straight cut coats gently tapered towards the hemline, and shirts or cardigans with U or V-necklines will do just that, as long as they don’t go above your hip bone. Greek-style dresses will be the perfect choice for inverted triangle figures. Invest in clothes made of light-coloured fabrics and those made of supportive fabrics. Capri pants, bootcut and flared trousers and jeans are the best options for you. Multilayered skirts, as well as the tulip and trapeze ones, will make your body look amazing. Straight cut skirts, on the other hand, won’t work well on your figure.

Final thoughts

The key to knowing how to emphasize your silhouette is to know which shape your body has in the first place. Only then will you be able to shop smart, and only invest in items that will look stunning on you, making every asset highlighted and concealing everything you don’t find flattering.